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10 Minute Solution:pilates

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  • Pleez, post the buns & thighs, abs-full and burn-full 10 min pilates exercises again! Or send them to me too… Please! They really work! Besides, I stopped making them for 2 months and I want to start again. I miss these exercises!

    YEAH I MISS IT TOO!!! :*(can SOMEBODY please put it back on youtube?Or does anyone know a good replacement for these ’10 minute pilates abs workout video’ on here?

  • she s very nice and positive, she s probably the best coach from video workout, thats why i love those workoutsbut i really miss other 10 minutes pilates videos – for abs, for whole body and for buns and tights

    Her name is Lara Hudson. This is 10 Minute Solution Pilates DVD, and it’s great. Do not buy her Rapid Results Pilates DVD; it just isn’t as nice, e.g., loud drumming so you can’t hear her voice.

  • Get ready to work your core like you mean it girl! We’ve teamed up with our fit friend and pilates pro Kira Elste to bring you a 10 minute pilates workout routine that will help you carve out those toned abs you’ve always wanted. When you take it to the mat with Kira, you’ll soon discover that great looking abs are just one of the many benefits of a Pilates workout. Keep on working and you’ll see improvements in your core strength, stability, balance, posture, and flexibility. Oh, and did we mention it’s fun too?

10 Minute Pilates Workout With Kira Elste

I really like the 10 Minute solution work out videos. I am 46 years old, work full time, and don't want to spend hours at the gym. This particular video, the pilates work out, contains five 10 minute work outs that are easy to follow and effective. You can choose to do one or more of the workouts depending on how much time you have, and what body part you want to focus on. The workouts include abs, buns and thighs, flexibility, sculpting and burn. I also like the instructor, Lara Hudson. She is attractive, down-to-earth, and enthusiastic without being too bubbly or intense.
I would recommend this video to someone who is looking for a low to medium intensity workout, not for people seeking quick results, trying to build muscle or get into tip top shape unless you plan to do more than one of the 10 minute workouts at a time. I personally use the 10 minute pilates exercises for maintenance and to keep my body toned.