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10 Simple Steps to a Clean Home - Andrea Dekker

Busy Mom's Guide to Cleaning: The 10-Step Guide to Declutter and Clean All Things the Fast, Natural, Eco-Friendly Way

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  • going home to do this NOW! Speed Cleaning : 10 steps to a cleaner house. This didnt work for me. If I spend just 10 mins at a time in one room and move on to another every 10 NOTHING will ever get done. NOT ONE room will be clean as children undo things done behind me!

    Speed Cleaning: 10 Steps to a Clean House Now! Spend 10 min on each step, take a 10 min break, then repeat. I like this because I hate spending a whole hour on one thing...

  • Re:10 steps to a cleaner house. It seems like common sense. I guess some folks just need to be told. Keep letting everyone know how great it is to be “unencumbered” in all things.

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