Day 80 of #100DaysOfHope | The characteristics of #hope

Day 96 of #100DaysOfHope | #Hope is ... thinking about the future ... and making it happen

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  • Day 84 of #100DaysOfHope | A #hopeful mindset is about options & patience; sometimes when a problem can't solved now, it can be solved later.

    Day 79 of #100DaysOfHope | Know then, whatever cheerful and serene - Supports the mind, supports the body too: Hence, the most vital movement mortals feel is #hope, the balm and lifeblood of the soul.

  • Day 88 of #100DaysOfHope | There is no medicine like #hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow.

    Day 78 of #100DaysOfHope | In our lives, where there is #hope, the impossible moves within our grasp, and what seems difficult to reach waits but a breath away.

  • Day 77 of #100DaysOfHope | #Hope is that thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune -- without the words, And never stops at all

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The new Red Cross campaign called “100 Days of Summer. 100 Days of Hope.” seeks to increase blood donations during the summer months, a time when donations typically drop. Patients need blood throughout the summer, but the Red Cross sees about two fewer donors at each blood drive between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. The “100 Days of Summer. 100 Days of Hope.” campaign will continue through September 1.