The 13th Juror (Dismas Hardy, Book 4)

The 13th Juror by John T. Lescroart - a story of persistence. Long, but a good read.

The 13th Juror (Dismas Hardy Book 4)

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  • No cameras are allowed at the Tsarnaev trial. But CNN’s Ann O’Neill will be there every day. Think of her as The 13th Juror, bringing insights here weekly. And follow @AnnoCNN on Twitter daily.

    No cameras are allowed at the Tsarnaev trial. But CNN’s Ann O’Neill will be there every day. Think of her as The 13th Juror, bringing insights here weekly. And follow @AnnoCNN on Twitter daily.

  • After the criminal jury's acquittal verdict was announced, I said on air, on ABC, that clearly the American public -- and I was referring to the white majority -- were acting as the 13th juror, and they were rejecting the jury's verdict. ... In fact, I was dismayed to see how much the media was encouraging the American viewing public to act as the 13th juror, when in reality they can't. They're not in the courtroom; they don't see what the jurors see. Even watching a trial on television is not the same thing as being in the courtroom. You don't see everything the jury sees. You don't see the nonverbal behavior of witnesses in the same way as you see it on a television camera. You don't see some of the photographs which showed the jurors the grisly nature, the violent nature of the murder and the jurors' reaction to it, their sense of the humanity of the victims.

    Trials aren't supposed to be entertainment for the masses. They're supposed to be serious public processes in which juries are asked to do a very difficult job. And instead of respecting the job that jurors do, we discount it; we discredit it. We in the public act as the 13th juror when we're not in a position to know what the jurors know, to see what the jurors saw, and we feel entitled to express our opinions about guilt or innocence based on what I don't know, apart from media reports of what goes on. ...

    Title: The 13th Juror: A Dismas Hardy Novel
    Author(s): John Lescroart
    Publisher: Brilliance Audio
    Availability: Amazon   

  • Title: The 13th Juror (Dismas Hardy Series)
    Author(s): John Lescroart
    ISBN: 1-4233-5723-X / 978-1-4233-5723-0 (USA edition)
    Publisher: Brilliance Audio
    Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

    "A brilliant courtroom drama." -"The Washington Post Book World""I double-dare you to begin reading John T. Lescroart's new suspense trial novel and put it down....This one is on the money." -Larry King", USA Today""Compelling...The power of the book lies in Lescroart's impeccable accumulation of detail." -"The San Francisco Chronicle""Unusual in his ability to combine courthouse scenes with action sequences, judicial puzzles and dimensional people, Mr. Lescroart produces a full house of well-drawn characters. The many subplots, social issues and legal maneuvers of "The 13th Juror", come together in a fast-paced text that sustains interest to the very end." -"The Wall Street Journal"

THE 13TH JUROR - John Lescroart

In , Dismas Hardy, lawyer/investigator, undertakes the defense of Jennifer Witt, accused of murdering her husband and their eight-year-old son as well as her first husband, who had died nine years earlier from an apparent drug overdose. While preparing his case, Hardy learns that both of Jennifer's husbands had physically abused her. But Jennifer refuses to allow a defense that presumes her guilt. She is not guilty, she claims. Hardy is now driven to seek an alternative truth a jury can believe. As the trial progresses, the complex truth itself begins to change, to bend, to fade in and out of focus as the clock keeps ticking on Jennifer's fate, until there seems only one person left to convince, and she is "the 13th juror"―the judge.