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Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948 (Comics Culture)

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  • I have seen pictures on the web of several 1948 commercials within a hundred or so higher serial numbers of this one, with different slide markings and with those markings reversed (ie, rampant colt on left side of slide). I was hoping that one of the government model collectors might know when (at what serial number) the slide markings changed, and possibly how many were produced with the same configuration as on this old .45 Government Model.

    The ‘J’ type was introduced at the 1948 Commercial Motor Show at Earls Court. The pre-production van which Morris~Commercial exhibited on their stand at the show differed in many details from the production vehicle that was to follow in the autumn of 1949. The easiclean wheels gave way to pressed steel disc items, whilst the front grille, headlamp/sidelight units, and many other items were redesigned before full production commenced. The 1949 Geneva Commercial Vehicle Show van still had the soon-to-be-discarded easiclean wheels, but also had a front chrome bumper unlike anything seen subsequently.


Original Raid commercial, from 1948 - YouTube