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Themes of Contemporary Art: Visual Art after 1980

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  • Crank up the party tunes, because the 1980s themed room is perfect for dancing! Flappers more familiar with the Charleston or Twisting sock hoppers might be a little taken aback at first, but we’re sure they’ll get into it. Besides, “Thriller” is an 80s song – what could be more Halloween-ish?

    Dinner will be served in the main room where the 1980s theme will be achieved with low-level room lighting with portraits of bands from the 80s displayed evenly around the room for high impact. Tables will have multi colored cloths and a themed centre piece if required.

  • Bob Gail Special Events uses their props, linens, centerpieces, lighting, and themed decor to produce a 1980s themed event for a corporate client.

    Purchase some tag board so that guests can post their pictures from the 1980s during the party. Have everyone vote on the funniest photo, and also for the person that has changed the least.

  • The birthday girl wanted hot pink, turquoise and yellow as her colours but you could use whatever colours you wish. To celebrate her 1980s themed birthday the cake incorporates the MTV logo, Pacman arcade game, Rubik Cube, Boogie box, fluorescent colours and animal print fondant, not to mention the giant number ’30’.

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Celebrating your 25th anniversary? Celebrate with an anniversary party that recalls your dating heyday. The light-hearted, retro fun of a 1980s theme party evokes those days before your wedding, when hair was big, fashions garish and the music incredible. Hello, Madonna!