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  • FOR SALE. This is a Blue 1982 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta with Blue interior, Manual transmission, Rear-Wheel Drive, and a 6-Cyl. engine. It's in Excellent condition, with 61,059 miles, and located in Sunderland, MA.

    However Chevrolet had a plan. Its Camaro during the 1970s had some European flair mixed with available good old American V8 power under the hood. Only one problem, the sporty V8 powered Camaros of the 1970s had an average curb weight of 3,500 lbs. Which by 1970s 2+2 sporty coupe standards was extremely portly like Marlon Brando in his later years. By the early 1980s the European and Japanese 2+2 coupes were growing in size with many hitting (or getting close to) the 3,000 lb mark. For instance the all-new 1982 Toyota Supra had a curb weight of 3,045 lbs. Chevrolet’s answer to this new 2+2 playing field was the all new third generation 1982 Camaro Berlinetta which weighed in at only 2,880 lbs.

  • Meet the 1982 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta, an ambitious effort by General Motors to elevate the Camaro above its timeless pony car image. With a 2.8-liter LC1 V-6 making 112-horsepower under the hood or the optional 145-horsepower 5.0-liter LG4 V-8, the Berlinetta was still a true pony car, but without any ground effects or sporty trim, it certainly tried to shed the image of its forebears.

    That’s where 1982 Camaro Berlinetta came into the picture. No longer would it just be a plush Camaro with lots of options. No sir, its new mission was that of a upscale European style touring car as previously mentioned. Where the 1982 Camaro coupe was standard with the GM Iron Duke (2.5 liter 4-cylinder which produced 92 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque), the Berlinetta proved it was more performance oriented than the coupe by offering a standard LC1 2-bbl 2.8 liter V6 which produced 102 horsepower and 142 lb-ft of torque. The 2.8 liter on paper didn’t make that much more horsepower and torque than the Iron Duke, however its peak torque was available lower in the rpm range (2400 versus 2800 rpm of the Iron Duke). The hidden advantage of the 2.8 liter V6 was it was very small V6 – much smaller in overall dimensions and and light as a feather compared to Buick’s 3.8 liter V6. The light V6 allowed the Berlinetta to be loaded with options and still not surpass the 3,000 lb mark. The 2.8 liter V6 could be equipped with either a 3-speed automatic or 4-speed manual transmission. The 4-speed manual was the smart choice since it brought out the best in the 2.8 liter V6 giving it a slight performance advantage over the 3-speed automatic. However the 4-speed with its advantages did fall short compared to some of the new sporty touring coupes from Europe and Japan which had 5-speed manual transmissions as standard – 5th gear on these cars acted as an overdrive gear keeping highway rpms to a minimum which also raised fuel economy ratings. Same could be said about the 3-speed automatic, it was also antiquated with not having an overdrive gear. Chevrolet would fix this problem for 1983 by replacing the 3-speed automatic with a 4-speed (with overdrive) automatic, and replacing the 4-speed manual with a new smooth shifting Borg Wagner T5 5-speed manual transmission.

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    1982 Camaro Berlinetta, worth it??


    I'm not really familiar with Camaro's as I'm more of a Firebird guy, however I may have the opportunity to buy an '82 Berlinetta Camaro. Are these things worth anything or since it's a V6 is it pretty much overlooked?? There is one going up for sale at a local auction so I wanted to go check it out, even if I don't win I just want to see what it sells for. From the pics I've seen it looks clean, it's grayish/silver in color and that is about all I know about it. I don't have the VIN but I can get it. I was thinking of possibly selling it if I could get it for a price that would make it worth my while, or maybe just keep it as a daily driver.

    Again, I'm not familiar with Camaro's or Berlinettas for that matter so I don't know if there is a following for them or what.

    Let me know what you guys think, or what I should look for if anything.

    By the end of the 1980s, the reasonably priced European touring coupes were gone or had moved heavily up the price range. However the Japanese sporty 2-door coupes were reasonably priced and very popular, not to mention had by this time garnered a nice chunk of the US new car market share. Unfortunately the Camaro Berlinetta wasn’t around to compete with these fine cars. Chevrolet had seen the future and with the 1982 Berlinetta, it had given the Camaro the goods and style to compete with the new Japanese sporty coupes. Unfortunately the Berlinetta was a victim of the Z28 and Iroc-Z (which from 1985-1990 was the top performance Camaro). Chevrolet saved the best engines and handling for these cars instead of sharing with the lighter more waif Berlinetta. If only Chevrolet had offered the best handling goodies and engines in the Berlinetta, it would have remained the light European touring Camaro. Pontiac to a lesser degree did this with the 1987-2002 Firebird Formula (which offered the Trans Am’s performance goodies in the lower price and lighter Formula). And who knows, maybe a top performance Berlinetta such as this would have taken away some of those 1980s 5.0 liter Mustang sales. Enough with the theorizing, the fact still remains the 1982 Camaro Berlinetta was the perfect balance of power and elegant styling and had tons of sophisticated European flair. No performance Camaro since the death of the Berlinetta can say this.

That’s where 1982 Camaro Berlinetta came into the picture.

Hey guys, I found this thing in pretty bad shape, the interior was all to hell and barely ran! Now, it looks, runs, and drives like a DREAM! This car, from looking up the VIN is a 1982 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta, she was born in the Van Nuys Chevrolet plant in California. Originally came with 2.8L V6 engine with A/C. Currently she has a 350 that I had put on a professional Dyno program. Pushing 320 HP and 360 lb-ft torque. 3-speed power glide, a.k.a. 350 turbo, transmission, and a limited slip rear end. The interior was rough, but after some patience and a couple of warm days, it has a brand new black interior instead of the nasty sandy tan that had been ripped and tore after years of abuse. Currently this car is up for sale for $3000, and it's worth every penny of it! This is the 2nd video of it. Where I had a friend of mine jut