Super Mario 3D Land Exceeds Super Mario Galaxy In First-Year Sales

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  • Once you finish the main story you can play through just as many altered special stages with challenges like tougher enemies, shadow Mario races and some extra power ups! If you’re a sucker for Street Pass – you can use it to earn extra star coins and check the fastest times of your friends, but there’s no competitive multiplayer; 3D Land is strictly a single player experience.

    There really doesn’t seem to be much missing from Super Mario 3D Land. If I could go back and help Nintendo remake this game I would certainly include a few more challenging levels in the first half of the game, and online multiplayer (maybe a head-to-head racing mode); but I guess I’ll leave off on Mario multiplayer games until

  • So here comes the million dollar question that everyone seems to be asking; “Is Super Mario 3D Land worth owning the 3DS for?” My simple answer is this–if you own a 3DS this game is a must own. And if you are a really Mario fan you may want to look into the red 3DS bundle that includes this game. This is most certainly the ideal 3DS game to date. With its beautiful graphics, classic music, smooth gameplay, and utilization of the 3D visual effects it is 100% worth your $39.99.

    The controls are defintely easy enough to pick up very quickly. The game makes the most of a few buttons, using one to jump, another to run and shoot fireballs (or boomerangs… or spin your Tanooki tail), and a trigger for ground pounds and crouching. Mario doesn’t punch or kick in 3D Land, but he can wall jump or crouch to charge up higher side somersaults, giving you more than enough mobility to handle your business. If you run into a level that’s too tough for you, a golden tanooki suit will appear at your respawn point, and this makes you invincible to everything other than falling off of a level. The controls are extremely tight with the only problem I ever ran into being the fact that I dislike the circle-pads to begin with.

  • Fans of 3D adventures set in the Mushroom Kingdom are in for a treat, with Nintendo today announcing details of its new Super Mario 3D Land Welcome Promotion for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL. To participate in this promotion, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL owners need to register their console and just one of 15 selected games with […]

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