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actually there were 7000 soldiers, bit only 300 spartans.

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The 300 Spartans
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The 300 Spartans
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There weren't 300 Spartans.
300 Spartans - The Real Story
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  • One of the all time great stories of ancient history involved the defense of Thermopylae, when a narrow pass was held for three days against a vast Persian army by just 300 Spartans, 299 of which perished. The lone survivor took the story back to his people. This legend flourished in the twenty first century when a film spread the iconic image of six pack bearing men in red cloaks fighting a fantastical force.

    In the year 480 B.C., the Greeks and the Persians fight one of the most famous battles in history at a place called Thermopylae. Here, the mighty Persian war machine, which has conquered most of the known world, will attempt an expansion into Europe. The only thing standing in their way will be an army led by 300 Spartans, the greatest soldiers the world has ever known. They will fight to the very last man, and in doing so will protect the cradle of democracy during its infancy, and the battle will go down in history as the greatest military stand of all time.
    Relying on brilliant tactics, lifelong training, and unshakable allegiance, the doomed Spartans achieved the impossible. The Battle of Thermopylae is literally a textbook case, required reading even to this day at military colleges and officer training around the world.

  • The Truth:
    Although there were 300 Spartans present at the defense of Thermopylae, there were at least 4000 allies involved on the first two days and 1500 men involved in the fatal last stand.

    This was a bad time for the Spartans, for they were to hold both their Olympics and Carneia. To miss either was to offend the Gods, something the Spartans cared passionately about. A compromise was needed between sending a full army and keeping their divine favor: an advance guard of 300 Spartans, led by would go. Instead of taking the Hippeis, his 300 strong bodyguard of the best young men, Leonidas departed with 300 veterans.

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    300 Spartans, but 7,000 Greeks. jstok
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    new movie, 300 (2007) is not a remake parallax24
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    Regarding the 'they fought for our freedom' quote roy1991

  • Students may be familiar with this famous battle from its depiction in Zack Snyder's movie 300, based on Frank Miller's graphic novel. In this lesson students learn about the historical background to the battle and are asked to ponder some of its legacy, including how history is reported and interpreted from different perspectives. They will read from Herodotus's account of the battle at Thermopylae, the narrow pass where 300 Spartans and their Greek allies made their last-ditch stand against tens of thousands of Xerxes's invading army. Although the Spartans were defeated and annihilated at Thermopylae, the battle played an important part in the Greek resistance to this second and final Persian invasion.

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The Battle of Thermopylae, which took place over the course of three days in the late summer of 480 BC during the Persian invasion of Greece, is one of the most famous and best known clashes ever recorded in history. Today, it still stands as the model of courage and bravery when the odds are in the favor of the enemy, the epitome of the fight for freedom and justice in the face of tyranny and oppression. The now familiar account, thanks in large to Frank Miller's graphic novel and , tells the tale of 300 Spartans standing against a Persian army of over one million soldiers. Essentially, it's the greatest underdog story ever told.