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  • After some debate in our group we decided to work some of the fantastic mechanics that 4th edition introduced into the our 3.5 house rules, like I am sure many likeminded gamers have doneto some degree.

    I wholesomely agree. 4th Edition is more of a watered down version of 3.0/3.5 and is directed more towards the MMORPG generation of fantasy role play new comers that seem to bypass the old fashioned role playing hobby. I will always hold the seemingly obsolete 3.5 with the highest regard because of it’s complexity and elaborated details that breathed more practicality into Dungeon and Dragons. I’m a fan of heavily detailed and complex gaming, i like role playing games like Demon Souls, Fall Out and Elder Scrolls over MMORPGs due it’s broader flexibility in options and their elaborate detailing and story telling. I feel all MMOs have a very long way to go to match these top single player role playing games and Dungeons and Dragons 3.0-3.5 was more favorable because it brought that diversity and detailed role playing to a united crowd of players. It wasn’t simple but the complexity allowed anything to be possible and detailed. 4th edition is more fantasy than science fiction to me and that dis-balance makes it more directed towards the younger crowds of players that are too lazy and careless to bother about detailed rules and tactical role play where every decision can make or break their character and role playing experience. I’m 23 years old, first time I heard of Dungeons and Dragons i was 14, I experienced 3.0 gaming and fell in love with how detailed and elaborate it was, after 3.5 i was more impressed in how certain features were fairly consolidated. But when 4th edition debuted I was confused with what Dungeons and Dragons was up, because they did away with so many of the rules and gaming mechanics that made up the bountiful world of 3.5. I felt like I was starting from nearly zero again and my character looked more like a cartoon than a well fashioned character with a practical background and hard earned place in the Dungeons and Dragons world. In short details 4th edition is more dummy proof, making it easier and more playable and although deep details and elaborate functionality is my forte and preferred taste, I still respect that because Dungeons and Dragons 3.0/3.5 would never have made it this far into the fantasy MMO riddle world of role players. It is an acquired taste, indeed to those used to the darker and sometimes sour world of 3.0/3.5.

  • …we found that 4th edition had solved many of the problems of 3.5 and we were left unsatisfied with both editions, often stating that 3.5 is better because of this and 4th edition is better because of that.

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    Codex_of_Wisdom More than 1 year ago
    This is a well made game. Most die-hard players will tell you that 4th Edition ruined Dungeons and Dragons, but it made it simpler to play and did little to make it more restricted. The beauty of this game is that you can do anything you want. And the game is not limited to fantasy and magic - with a little modification (there are plenty of online rules for free) you can play modern or sci-fi games with these rules. This book itself has the most basic player characters in it. It's a good starter, but I would recommend the new box set that has this and the second book.

  • As the publishing life of 3rd Edition ended and 4th Edition was developed, the D&D story took some twists and turns worthy of the most devious dungeon master. Wizards had licensed their two flagship gaming magazines, Dragon and Dungeon, to Paizo Publishing. In anticipation of 4th Edition, they revoked that license. Paizo in turn used the OGL to revise and refine the 3.5 D&D rules and create their own role-playing game, Pathfinder. Pathfinder is essentially D&D 3.75. Paizo recently started claiming that Pathfinder is the best-selling RPG in the world, and while I'm not sure what the claim is based on (Wizards doesn't release sales numbers), I don't doubt that it is true or very nearly true.

Martial Power: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement (D&D Rules Expansion)

Do you ever play in a game, only to realize later that you forgot you could have done a number of things during a combat encounter? I know I have, so I made the Combat Sheet for 4th Editions Dungeons and Dragons. Essentially, I write out what my powers DO because that is what is really important… the name of the power is not. The way the sheet is laid out, the information is organized into sections depending on the situation you are in – whether you are attacking, or defending.