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A grain of rice.

A Grain of Rice

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  • First: “…brutally frank without bothering with creativity…” I love your posts and the ideas you come up with…and (duh) you have such a way with words! And, BTW, you are much more than a grain of rice to me!!❤

    The Rice Grain Project. You don’t really think about how hard it might be to baby a grain of rice. It’s too small to put in your pocket without high risk of losing it. I lost Jericho due a disastrous lunch. He got folded up in the tablecloth and shaken out in the yard. They’re also too small to carry around in your hand conveniently, either. In fact, there is nothing convenient about toting a grain of rice.

  • There are about 29,000 grains of rice in one pound of long-grain white rice. One pound is the equivalent of 16 ounces, which means that there are 1,812 grains of rice per ounce. One ounce is the equivalent of 28.35 grams, which means there are just under 64 grains of rice in 1 gram of rice. This means that each grain of rice weighs approximately 1/64 of a gram.

    Rice writing originated in Ancient in Turkey and India. Many rituals and rites use rice as a medium, but at some point in ancient artisans who were skilled in making miniature paintings decided to turn their skill to making art with what had always been an ancient symbol of prosperity, the oldest example of which lies in in Istanbul, Turkey. The artisans would inscribe messages or names on a single grain of rice after it was treated and polished. Grains that were long and flat were favorites as they offered proper surfaces for writing. Apart from Turkey, India also had a large number of artisans skilled in making miniature art including rice art.

    The Rice Lady Vivianne Robinson has been writting Your Name on a Grain of Rice for 14 years

  • The Rice Lady Vivianne Robinson has been writting Your Name on a Grain of Rice for 14 years
    Your Name On Rice is placed in a lovely hand blown glass vial which becomes a necklace, keychain or cellphone charm.
    Over 20 vial choices include: Hearts, elephants,
    turtles, dolphins, cats, dogs, bears, tubes, etc.
    Only $10 . Up to five names on one rice is possible.

    Problem 4. Look at the chart you made for Problem 1 and determinethe relationship between the total amount of grains of rice obtained bya given day and the number of grains to be received the following day.

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A few years later, during a school trip to Paris I was captivated by street vendors writing names on grains of rice. I promptly bought a piece of rice with my name on and wore it proudly in a tube round my neck. I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world, until somebody told me about a grain of rice in a museum in America which contains the entire Lord’s Prayer.