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Meggs' History of Graphic Design

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  • - To insist that, or to prescribe how, the history of graphic design need be taught in any particular way is to unnecessarily limit the field in both methodology and pedagogy. Since there is no consensus amongst historians of graphic design on what the history of graphic design is or what it should be, no scholar studying the subject should commit to any one way of researching, writing, and teaching.

    The first edition of “A History of Graphic Design” was published in 1983. It was heralded for it balanced insights and the thoroughness of its content. The book shows how graphic design has been a vital component of each culture and period in human history, with sections on topics such as the invention of writing and alphabets, the origins of printing and typography, and postmodern design.

  • Available for the first time, in a variety of interactive formats, the graphic design bible, Meggs' A History of Graphic Design, now in its Fifth Edition, is a recipient of the First-Ever QED (Quality, Excellence, Design) award by ! In its debut edition in 1983, A History of Graphic Design received accolades from the Association of American Publishers as a publishing landmark that offered unrivaled coverage, balanced insight, and thorough historical background. Now in its Fifth Edition and still widely accepted as the most authoritative book covering graphic design, (John Wiley & Sons; $85.00; December 2011) offers even more detail and breadth of content than its heralded predecessors, revealing a saga of creative innovators, breakthrough technologies, and important developments responsible for paving the historic paths that define the graphic design experience. Bringing this classic into the modern age is a spectacular suite of digital products, including:

    The Friends of the V&A scholarship is offered to a student applying from the UK or EU who intends to work in a museum after graduating from the V&A/RCA History of Design MA programme. The Scholarship covers fees for the two years of the MA and also includes a maintenance grant of up to £3000 per year.

  • was the caption marking the editorial illustration of a serpent that has been cut into eight pieces. Each of these pieces was marked to represent one of the 8 colonies. This editorial (or political) cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin, on May 9th, 1754, was published in his Pennsylvania Gazette and appeared along with his written column about the disunity of the colonies. The illustration paired with the article was an ideal way to show the early colonies how they needed to be united as they were in the middle of the French and Indian war. This piece does not have the same impact today that it once did way back then as in those days many people believed the folklore that had stated, “A snake that had been cut into pieces could come back to life if you joined the sections together before sunset”, but it does a good job of illustrating the historic beginnings of editorial design and why editorial illustrations, designs, and cartoons coupled with articles the ideal path to getting ones points across to an audience. The imagery used in this historic piece was ideal, as the colonies were not united at the time. The “Join, or Die” image is widely known for being Americas first political cartoon.

Dave Shea – A Brief History of Web Design – btconfDUS2015

Before I came to the Royal College of Art, I studied History of Art at the University of York. I’d done specialised modules in Italian Renaissance art history and was unsure what to do next. All the Master’s degrees I was looking into had a very traditional art historical approach – they all seemed a bit old-fashioned and stale. By chance, I came across the V&A/RCA History of Design programme. I’d never heard of it before, so I asked my undergraduate tutors and they told me the programme had a great reputation.