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Life as a House

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  • This film is unexpectedly touching. When a movie is called LIFE AS A HOUSE, you enter on full metaphor alert. When it turns out to be about an estranged father and son who pull down an old shack and construct a dream house overlooking the ocean and it turns out to be a transforming experience for everyone who happens by while it is in progress plus including a tragic death that is still another transforming experience for everyone, you have every right to expect a generic made-for-TV-movie uplifting weepie. But this movie gives us something more, thanks to a script by Mark Andrus (of "As Good as it Gets") and a first-rate cast.

    Mark Isham did what he does best, take a few simple themes and build them into towering tear-jerkers that completely immerse the audience into scenes without them realizing it. Film scores are sometimes phoned in and or disregarded as a simple backing piece to what's on screen. This is not the case with Life As a House. Isham took the essence of the story and constructed an emotional masterpiece that perfectly compliments the film. This score has acted as the soundtrack for the best moments of my life ever since I first heard it. Mark Isham gave us something truly beautiful.

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    Though the filmmakers of LIFE AS A HOUSE accurately land on a prime issue of our troubled world – the lack of good fathering, the movie is marred by too many sex scenes, including a Mrs. Robinson-type fling and a homosexual prostitution subplot. There are many satisfying moments of redemption and healing, and even some Christian allegory, but the overuse of sexual promiscuity tends to overshadow the universal truths portrayed.

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