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A Load of Hooey (Odenkirk Memorial Library)

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  • What we're really seeing today is the result of economic policy changes under the Reagan adminstration because major economic policy changes, such as Reagan initiated, take decades to be fully realized. I know we like to blame the economy on a current or recent adminstration because our attention span is limited but in truth it takes many decades for a significant economic policy change to fully effect the economy. What a load of hooey......^

    Join comedy legend Bob Odenkirk as he comes to the Pabst for a night of standup, conversation and humor in celebration of his all new book ‘A Load of Hooey’.

  • Join Bob Odenkirk for an evening of entertainment as he introduces his new book, A Load of Hooey, which he fondly refers to as "the best thing he's ever done." A Load of Hooey is a collection of short comedy scripts and essays he's written over the years -- some of which have appeared in The New Yorker, VICE Magazine and FILTER Magazine, among other publications.

    Bob is an Illinois native and internationally recognized actor, comedian, writer, director, producer and Second City alum. He is best known for being the co-creator and co-star of the HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show with Bob and David, and for his role as criminal lawyer Saul Goodman on the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad. its upcoming spin-off series Better Call Saul and his role as Bill Oswalt in the television series, Fargo.

    In the 1980s and 1990s, Odenkirk worked as a writer for such television shows as Saturday Night Live, Get a Life, The Ben Stiller Show and The Dennis Miller Show. Back in the day, he pursued his bachelor's degree at Marquette University and Southern Illinois in Carbondale.

    Read more about Bob and A Load of Hooey in his recent .

    Bob will be going on the road to promote A Load of Hooey, including a show in NYC on November 9 at Gramercy Theatre. are on sale now and come with a copy of the book. That’s part of the . Earlier that day, Bob will be signing books at McNally Jackson Books in SoHo (95 Prince St., 1 PM).

    Originally Posted by Dave1
    What a load of hooey......^

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    Re: Ross Perot was right NAFTA GAT ..economy

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    Originally Posted by Dave1
    What a load of hooey......^

    Have you seen the movie The Big Short yet.....?

    I saw it recently and it still lingers....

    The banking industry and greed in general and how little control we all have over it in the end.....

    Check it out when you get the chance.....

    Through it all, Bob has written comedy scripts and short essays. Some of these have appeared in THE NEW YORKER, VICE magazine, and FILTER magazine, among other publications. A LOAD OF HOOEY is a collection of these short pieces, and Bob considers it the “best thing” he’s “ever done”.

Actor Bob Odenkirk Signs Copies Of "A Load Of Hooey"

Writing A Load of Hooey let Odenkirk experiment with several different kinds of voice, including his preferred mode to work in—a cruder version of his natural voice.