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A Man of Honor
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Men Of Honor
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A Man of Honor: The Autobiography of Joseph Bonanno

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  • TAG : 3.5 stars A Man of Honor was a good read
  • And Man of Honor ended with baseball with Young Kwang hitting a grand slam. Not only did he manage to hit the winning homerun, he also got Jae In’s heart. Everything fell into place. The villains got what they deserve and the good guys reaped all the rewards.

    Lee Min Ho is one lucky SOB. He’s the only guy right now who can say that Park Min Young belongs to him. She’s the reason why I watched Man of Honor. Her chemistry with Chun Kung Myung was cute that the most enjoyable part of the series was when they thought they were half-siblings and they tried to convince his mom (Choi Myung Gil) to accept her in the house. This was the fun part of the drama before it got too melodramatic for my liking. At first I was irritated with Young Kwang’s youngest sister Jin Joo (Nam Bo Ra) but she grew on me like a noisy puppy.

  • I received A Man of Honor compliments of Abingdon Press and Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review. I've read every single novel in Loree's First Responder Series and they are truly addicting because of how well she creates her characters. She doesn't make them perfect, but uniquely flawed so they can become believable and wind their way into our hearts like family. In A Man of Honor, you find yourself rooting for Dusty and Grace as much as the boys and girls they care for despite all the odds against them. There's even an appearance from Honor Mackenzie, the top SARs trainer from book 2. The best part about this series of books, is that Loree brings old and new characters together and blends them perfectly to create a story you'll fall in love with. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and look forward to many more in this amazing series!

    In the latest novel from Loree Lough, in her First Responder Series, A Man of Honor takes us into a different character than we have known before. Dusty's past comes from a tragic experience during 9/11 that costs him his career. He also has received a discharge from the Marines due to not being able to follow strict orders. Grace is also suffering from tragic circumstances surrounding the loss of someone in 9/11 as well, but it's her ability to care for others that makes her so admirable and attractive to Dusty. In the midst of this compelling story we find that local gang wants to induct the boys, Dusty is trying to save into his gang and if Dusty keeps him waiting much longer, he will make sure that his message is received loud and clear.

    It is the duty of a man of honor to teach others the good which he has not been able to do himself because of the malignity of the times, that this good finally can be done by another more loved in heaven.
    Niccolo Machiavelli

  • A true man of honor feels humbled himself when he cannot help humbling others.
    Robert E. Lee
    The story of Robert E. Lee: as told in his own words and those of his contemporaries (1964 edition)

    Pastor, I thank God for you” you are such a man of honor and distinction who encourages men of all ages to seek and live for Jesus. I was over come with joy on Sunday as I saw the many men in our church. Every Sunday I observe not only visiting women but men also. Men who I believe are seeking to know Jesus and there rightful place. “You said it right on Sunday.” (God has a special place for men.) I say to you and Lady Terri, keep it up” your lives are wonderful examples of the Kingdom of God.

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"Loree Lough brings A Man of Honor to her readers, and she delivers a woman of honor, as well. Although Grace and Dusty have endured and survived much in the past, both struggle to provide the care they know others in their lives deserve. Readers will experience friendship, tragedy, love, and the uplifting power of faith as they live the story right along with the characters. Loree has crafted yet another book that kept me turning pages all night long." - Robin Bayne, author of ten novels/novellas, including Carol Award winner The Artist’s Granddaughter.