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Science Fiction & Fantasy: A World Out Of Time by Larry Niven

A World Out of Time: A Novel

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  • A World Out of Time tracklisting:
    01. When I Was In Your Mind
    02. Planetoid 127
    03. Alone Against Tomorrow
    04. The Weird Stone
    05. Apocalypse Troll
    06. When Gravity Fails
    07. The Currents of Space
    08. Sand Into Rain

    A World Out of Time, Portland quintet ETERNAL TAPESTRY‘s second full-length of 2012, is a new kind of album for the band. As opposed to previous efforts, which were culled from many hours of recordings, it was recorded as a whole. The resulting record, while not restricted to the four minute song, has the focus and the flow that only music conceived as a narrative can. Taking inspiration from groups like Faust and Algarnas Tradgard, the album unfolds as a collage, the most salient elements of their sound sewn into a seamless patchwork. In the process, the group has constructed an incredibly dynamic album, juxtaposing expansive improvised sections with their most deliberate material yet.

  • A World Out of Time will be released on CD and LP by Thrill Jockey on the 12th November 2012.

    Not part of Niven’s Known Space universe, 'A World Out of Time' shares a number of similar ideas: devices that provide instantaneous between various locations, the knowledge of how to move planets, fountain-of-youth substances and deep sleep tanks for long space voyages. Even though it's a good introduction to hard/SF, at its heart there is a lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure in it.

    A World Out of Time
    First edition cover
    Author Larry Niven
    Country United States
    Language English
    Series The State
    Genre Science fiction
    Publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston
    Publication date
    Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback)
    Pages 243 pages
    ISBN 0-03-017776-6
    OCLC 2202363
    Followed by The Integral Trees

  • A World Out of Time started off pretty well, with the very intriguing concept of bringing cryogenically frozen patients back to life by transplanting their personalities into convicted felons whose punishment is essentially being turned into empty vessels for other personalities to take over.

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There are a number of science-fiction books around where the author attempts to chart the future history, in a speculative manner of course, of humanity. Isaac Asimov does that in his Foundation universe (which begins with the Robot stories and ends with Foundation and Earth) and Larry Niven does the same thing with A World Out of Time. The theme that I see in this idealistic setting is how humanity can create the perfect society in the perfect w