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There is no negative marking for the wrong answer in ACT test

Cracking the ACT with 6 Practice Tests, 2016 Edition (College Test Preparation)

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  • It's a timed test, and there are 215 questions on the ACT test, usually getting more difficult as you progress through each section. It's best to not spend too much time on difficult questions, but answer all the ones you're sure of first, and then go back and attempt the harder ones again. You're not penalized for wrong answers, so if you're completely baffled, it's fine to guess. You'll receive your scores between 4-7 weeks after taking the test. You may view them online before that, by paying a small fee, but your college won't get your scores any sooner.

    Because the test is so important, and can have such a huge impact on your future, it's important to do as well as possible on the test. And if you choose, you can retake the test in your senior year. If you score higher, you can have that score sent to colleges instead. If you score lower, you can use the results from the other ACT test. It's up to you which score to use, which means taking it again and getting a lower score can't hurt you, but only help you. So if you think you can do better, you should definitely give it a shot.

  • ALC has over 13 years of experience helping local students achieve remarkable increases in their standardized test scores. Colleges and Universities are becoming more and more competitive each year, and SAT/ACT test scores have never been more crucial in determining admission. Don't go into these exams without proper preparation - it is simply too important.

    PrepScholar ACT prep takes every student from the beginning of the prep process to the end. There is no requirement to buy more books, attend more classes, or hire outsiders if you don't want. We take you through the entire ACT test process from finding out what the ACT is, to what to do after receiving your scores back. Our program tells you exactly which few sections you ought to study next, so you'll never be left with an open book deciding what to do or whether you ever covered the most important parts of the ACT. Our ACT plan will be complete!

    ACT Exam Study Guide ACT Exam Flashcards ACT Exam Practice Questions Free Report on ACT Test Preparation

  • ACT Test Study Guide ACT Test Flashcards ACT Test Practice Questions Free Report on ACT Test Preparation

    The ACT test is a national college admissions test and, like the SAT exam, is accepted by all 4-year colleges and universities in the United States. The ACT test comprises subject area achievement tests in four areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. As an achievement test, it measures what you have learned in school. In this way, every time you attend class, you are preparing for the ACT test. This test has an optional Writing section. Students planning to take the test for a specific college should check to see if the Writing section is required for the schools of their choice. Keep in mind that you cannot take the Writing test separately, at a later date. You’ll have to repeat the entire test to get a writing test score if you find out you need it later, so it’s probably a good idea to just go ahead and take it with the other tests.

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To be frank, a high school student can easily get through an ACT Test with the knowledge he has acquired for school. An extra effort on the English vocabulary and Math, SAT Test will not be tough nut to crack.