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The Power of Prayer (Channeling Brain Waves Through Dhikr)

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  • Due to the 28 February 1997 ‘postmodern coup’ in Turkey, Ahmed Hulusi and his wife, Cemile, moved to London, where they lived for a year, before settling in the USA, where they reside today.

    In order to refrain from self-promotion, he has not put his surname on any of the books he has written over the last 40 years. He does not claim to be a guru or a teacher to anybody; on the contrary, he chooses to have very little contact with people, despite the large demand for and interest in his work. He was forced to put his photo on his books after a few impostors claiming to be Ahmed Hulusi started gathering and exploiting large crowds of people in Turkey.

  • Continuing to integrate the information in the Quran with the contemporary sciences, Ahmed Hulusi bases his understanding of religion on the system and order denoted in the Quran by the One named Allah and has committed himself to “reading” reality as disclosed by Muhammad. Hulusi focuses on the underlying unity of everything and the oneness of existence, which he refers to as Allah. He stresses understanding the spirit of the Qur'an and the rather than taking them out of context. He shares his findings through his writings, all of which are available for free on his . Having studied preeminent collections of Islamic Law and evaluated the works of many renowned Sufi saints () and scholars, he synthesizes his findings with scientific truths and presents them as an integrated system of rational reality.

    Due to the nature of the universal system revealed to Muhammad, jobs and positions of a religious nature are illegitimate. The only person one must follow is Muhammad. Because of this, Ahmed Hulusi does not encourage anyone to become his ‘follower’. He prefers to live a relatively reclusive life in his small town and advises people to question his teachings and to do their own research. He says, “Don’t believe me; find and verify the truth for yourself.”

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    Ahmed Hulusi (Born January 21, 1945, Istanbul, Turkey) contemporary Islamic philosopher. From 1965 to this day he has written close to 30 books. His books are written based on Sufi wisdom and explain Islam through scientific principles. His established belief that the knowledge of Allah can only be properly shared without any expectation of return has led him to offer all of his works which include books, articles, and videos free of charge via his web-site. In 1970 he started examining the art of spirit evocation and linked these subjects parallel references in the Quran (smokeless flames and flames instilling pores). He found that these references were in fact pointing to luminous energy which led him to write Spirit, Man, Jinn while working as a journalist for the Aksam newspaper in Turkey. Published in 1985, his work called 'Mysteries of Man (Insan ve Sirlari)' was Hulusi's first foray into decoding the messages of the Quran filled with metaphors and examples through a scientific backdrop. In 1991 he published 'Prayer and Chant (Dua and Zikir)' where he explains how the repetition of certain prayers and words can lead to the realization of the divine attributes inherent within our essence through increased brain capacity. In 2009 he completed his final work, 'The Key to the Quran through reflections of the Knowledge of Allah' which encompasses the understanding of leading Sufi scholars such as Abdulkarim al Jili, Abdul-Qadir Gilani, Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi, Imam Rabbani, Ahmed ar-Rifai, Imam Ghazali, and Razi, and which approached the messages of the Quran through the secret Key of the letter 'B'.

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Ahmed Hulusi, who always held an authentic press card, has never been occupied in a field of profession other than journalism. He has never been a member of any political, social or religious organization, foundation or establishment of any sort. He has spent his lifetime researching Islamic mysticism, or Sufism, and the modern sciences. He is also the first author to offer all his works, including his entire collection of books, writings, and video conferences absolutely free, fully downloadable from his Internet site.