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All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible

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  • Is the moral here that if you try to be more of king in America, you'll get knocked off a wall? Well, lots of people try to be king in their own ways in this novel, and lots of people get smacked down. So you could call the title an ironic commentary on America's system of government. It gets even more ironic when we start thinking about the themes of slavery and race in the novel.

    Well, okay: it’s not exactly all in the title, is it? The rest of your nonfiction book or novel counts for something, doesn’t it?

  • Engineering Technician
    For all of the job titles listed above, there are also corresponding engineering technician jobs. Engineering technicians work under the supervision of an engineer. They might help draw up designs, implement a design, or improve systems. Generally, an engineering technician does not require as much education and experience as an engineer. They need at least an associate degree.

    If you achieve a title multiple times, stars are added to the end of it. This means if you unlock all the titles in a category, you will start to re-unlock them, this time with a star.

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