An archivist at the Jewish Historical Institute.

What is the difference between an archives and a records center?

She even applied for a job as an archivist for the Girl Scouts of America.
The Archivist
As archivist of Antwerp he made use of his opportunities by writing a history of Flemish letters.
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The French, too, have invented a profession unknown in England—that of archivist.

Magic: the Gathering - Archivist - Ninth Edition

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  • An archivist may, if desired, receive from the Academy of Certified Archivists. To become a Certified Archivist you will need a master's degree and a year of experience, and have to pass a written exam.

    Archivists organize items such as documents, manuscripts, books, and artifacts, and are often employed by organizations which work with historical documents.

  • Tilt has created three new tables and accompanying benches specifically for The Proud Archivist – two long and wide designs for the events space, and more intimate square tables in the restaurant. The lighting is a mix of mini Anglepoise task lights, pendants, LED spotlights and fluorescent tubes.

    To work as an archivist, you will likely need a master's degree in history, library science, archival science or records management with coursework in archival techniques. To work with special collections, you will need knowledge of that specialty or industry.

    Archivist for the Department of Academic. The Mount Sinai Health System....

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    American Archivist
    Volume 68 · Number 2

    The archivist may have to take note of the conditions of various items and put them in storage systems to prevent damage or decay. Writing and typing skills are important, as he/she is expected to create descriptions of archived items. Computer skills are also necessary, as there will often be some sort of database of all cataloged items.

    An archivist may have to create a sensible categorization system if one has not already been established within the organization. Much of the work is done independently, though teamwork skills are also necessary, so self-motivation and good communication skills are important.

    Many positions require experience and/or knowledge of archiving, and any archiving-related certifications may also be requested. Some positions may require conducting research to determine answers to specific questions. Though much of the work is sedentary, there may be minimum physical requirements, such as bending, stooping, and carrying heavy items, as these motions may be necessary throughout the day. Some positions require a bachelor’s degree, while others may require a master’s degree in a history-related field.

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At the core of Archivist’s letterpress work is our fundamental belief that there are people out there with a discerning eye, and perhaps even a sense of fun, who will like the stuff we make as much as we do. Of course we love making it—and we hope this love comes through in every card, postcard or matchbox. While we sell our work, we are not a retail outfit so much as an artisan company keeping something great alive because we believe it’s still great enough to be worth keeping alive. We are sure you will agree.