Arrow Season 2 is said to be coming to Netflix on October 8.

Arrow season 2 will be awesome!

Fans are invited to pick their least favorite character from Arrow Season 2.
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Arrow: Season 2

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  • Last week's episode of Arrow Season 2 featured one of the most notorious Batman villains, Harley Quinn. If this trend continues on the show, is it possible that a future episode might just feature The Joker?

    The new date for the Netflix US release of Arrow Season 2 is October 8th which is the same day which season 3 begins showing exclusively on The CW until next year. The CW relationship has been great in the past meaning Netflix has been getting prompt new additions such as Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and Beauty and the Beast. We’re not entirely sure what happened to cause the slip in delay but rest assured we’re pretty sure that Netflix is aware of the frustration.

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    To tide fans until the new season premiere, DC Comics and have CW are now continuing their hit Arrow digital-first tie-in comics in a new season of the comic. Arrow Season 2.5 is going to cover the time between the explosive end of seasons 2 and 3 of the show, and give fans some of the connecting points to show how the various characters evolve in between that time. The first issue was released a few days ago and it is an explosive opener by far. Marc Guggenheim delivers on a script packed with perfect characterization and action while the art by Joe Bennett is very reminiscent of the show itself, making this a great adaptation.

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  • DC Comics has released information about the second issue of their upcoming Arrow Season 2.5 comic book series. The information comes with some awesome new cover art that you can find below. Details about the comic can be found right below it.

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Complete Guide for Arrow Season Season 2

The latest issue of Arrow Season 2.5 pits Oliver and Diggle directly against the Church of Blood as they finally learn more about it and have a location to match. Being as short a comic as it is, things move a little too quickly for my tastes, but it addresses some really key things such as Clinton Hogue recognizing Diggle and Felicity from when they kidnapped him last season to find out Sebastian Blood’s whereabouts and also what is going on with Officer Lance. Plus the Kahndaq backup, while altogether brief once again, is pretty cool and really sets the stage for the return of the Suicide Squad.