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Arthur Shields (15 February 1896 - 27 April 1970) was an Irish stage and film actor.

The Shields family : particularly the oldest and most numerous branch of that family in our America; an account of the ancestor and descendents of The ten brothers of Sevier County, in Tennessee

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  • On 30 November 1914 in Darke County, Ohio, sadness struck the household of John Arthur SHIELDS when Eunice (McNUTT) SHIELDS died. Eunice was buried Greenville Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio.8

    ‎Selected material from the Shields Family Archive. Arthur Shields and his brother Barry Fitzgerald (real name Will Shields) were both actors in several Abby Theatre productions in the 1920s and 1930s. Arthur Shields also managed four Abby theatre tours of the United states during the 1930s. Both moved to Hollywood during World War Two where Barry Fitzgerald in particular achieve great acclaim winning an Oscar in 1945 for his role along side in Bing Cosby in Going My Way.

  • The younger brother of Irish actor Barry Fitzgerald, Arthur Shields joined Fitzgerald at Dublin's famed Abbey as a Player in 1914, where he directed as well as acted. Though in films fitfully since 1910, Shield's formal movie career didn't begin until he joined several other Abbey veterans in the cast of John Ford's (1936). He went on to appear in several other Ford films, generally cast in more introverted roles than those offered his brother. Unlike his sibling, Shields was not confined to Irish parts; he often as not played Americans, and in 1943's , he was seen as a French police inspector. Never as prominent a film personality as his brother, Arthur Shields nonetheless remained a dependable second-echelon character player into the 1960s.

    After John Arthur's death in 1947, Luie/Lou [--?--] SHIELDS was housekeeper for Mary WEILAND, the daughter of the Weiland Jewelry Store owners in Greenville, Ohio. Mary hired Luie to not only to be her housekeeper, but also to help in a general way.18 Luie E. worked for Mary WEILAND for 12 years19, until she also died from a fatal heart attack at the Greenville Hospital in 1959. Luie is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery at Fort Jefferson, Neave Township, Darke County, Ohio next to her husband John Arthur SHIELDS.20

    Arthur Shields
    Shields in The Fabulous Dorseys (1947)
    Born (1896-02-15)15 February 1896
    Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom
    Died 27 April 1970(1970-04-27) (aged 74)
    Santa Barbara, California United States
    Resting place Deans Grange Cemetery
    Occupation Actor
    Years active 1918–62
    Spouse(s) Laurie Bailey (1955–1970, his death) 2 children
    Aideen O'Connor (1943-1950)
    Bazie Morgan (1920-1943)

  • Arthur Shields stage film actor, brother of actor Barry Fitzgerald ( The Quiet Man, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Long Voyage Home, The Keys of the Kingdom, 1896-1970

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Some of them – Arthur Shields for instance – were really in the Dublin post office when it fell. They were in this pub we’ve reproduced when the call came to mobilize. I talk with them informally, and get their opinions, and listen to their anecdotes, and as a result get a better picture.