The accessories of the Audio Technica AT LP120 include the following:

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Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone Bundle with Shock Mount, Pop Filter, and XLR Cable

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  • The Audio Technica AT95e offers an elliptical diamond, and dual magnet design. High frequencies come through with stunning clarity, and bass tones are strong and accurate. Offered in half-inch standard mount, it can be used on a wide variety of turntables, and with a wide variety of music preferences.

    The Audio Technica AT LP120 USB is built well enough to handle being used for scratching records. So it can withstand the abuse given to it but spinning the platter back and forth. The only thing is that the stylus would probably need to be upgraded accordingly.

  • The Audio Technica ATH-M50 are the highest model of studio monitor headphones made available by Audio Technica. These studiophones are designed especially for professional monitoring and mixing giving exceptional accurate response. The generously padded circumaural closed earpieces provide maximum isolation for clear mixing, and along with the padded headband provide long lasting comfort for long mixing sessions. The earpieces can swivel 180 degrees for one-ear monitoring. The collapsible design helps to minimize storage space, and provide efficient and protected transportation. They have a frequency response of 15-28,000 Hz which is delivered from 45mm drivers. The ATH-M50 comes with a 1.2-3.0 m (3.9' - 9.8') coiled cord ending in a 1/8" gold-plates stereo connection, and also comes with professional screw on 1/4" adapter. They are also available with a straight 3.5m (11.0') cable, which are sold as the ATH-M50s. Both models come with a protective pouch.

    The Audio Technica AT LP120 USB makes a great beginners disc jokey turntable. It has all of the necessary features that make this the perfect choice for new DJ’s.

  • The ability to change pitch is an important reason that makes the Audio Technica AT LP120 USB a great table for DJ’s. Being able to raise and lower the pitch of a song right at hand. And locking it in at a specific amount of pitch change.

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The future is now, it's time to grab your old Velvet Underground and Elton John LPs and convert them into usable files for your digital audio collection. The Audio Technica ATLP60 USB Turntable operates at two speeds and provides an easy-to-use interface to do them all. With an inbuilt Audacity Software, the digital CD turntable facilitates easier conversion and it is compatible with PC and MAC operating systems. Just plug this Audio Technica ATLP60 turntable to your PC and start converting all your favorite old music to the new digital format and enjoy listening. In addition, you can even connect this plug and play turntable to your stereo system as it comes with all the necessary wires and cables required for the process.