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They had expected to brief Obama again on the bin Laden options.

Bin Garden hide ugly Garbage Can, Store smelly wheelie bin with flowers, herbs, plants fruit
The CIA (and Congressman Charlie Wilson) continued to support bin Laden.


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  • The CIA was very reluctant to be involved at all. They thought it would end up with them being blamed, like in Guatemala." So the Agency tried to avoid direct involvement in the war, ... the skittish CIA, Cannistraro estimates, had less than ten operatives acting as America's eyes and ears in the region. Milton Bearden, the Agency's chief field operative in the war effort, has insisted that "[T]he CIA had nothing to do with" bin Laden. Cannistraro says that when he coordinated Afghan policy from Washington, he never once heard bin Laden's name.

    Years ago when private prisons were introduced in the UK I remember thinking (naively as it turned out) “Are there no limits to a public service that can be privatised?”

  • Both flatly denied that any CIA funds ever went to bin Laden. They felt so strongly about this point that they agreed to go on the record, an unusual move by normally reticent intelligence officers. Mr. Peikney added in an e-mail to me: “I don’t even recall UBL [bin Laden] coming across my screen when I was there.

    When I worked at the YMCA, I had the students decorate our recycling bin with recyclables and signs taped to the outside. It really helped the students take ownership of the bin and get excited about recycling and also gave others a friendly of reminder of what could and could not be recycled. It worked really well!

    I would bin
    you would bin
    he/she/it would bin
    we would bin
    you would bin
    they would bin


    What is recyclable in the classroom?? All of your paper and cardboard can be recycled. I think it is great to also encourage students to use the other side of paper before recycling it. Plastic bottles (#’s 1-7, no styrofoam), foil (as long as it’s not too soiled), and aluminum from lunches can also be recycled. Recyclables can be co-mingled in your bin. Make sure to put a recycling bin near each trash bin in your classroom so your students can easily sort their materials.

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The Wheelie Bin Cover disguises unsightly and smelly wheelie bins by appearing as a flowering planter, making outside space tidier and more attractive. It is an exciting new product that excels in its simplicity. It is a decorative container which stores unsightly garbage cans, thus keeping gardens and roads looking their best.