Title: Ballet Shoes (TV Movie 2007)

Satin ballet shoes - Usually worn by women and can be easily dyed to customise their appearance.

Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid),Ballet Pink,8 M US Toddler

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  • My favorite ballet shoes by far, hugging my arch nicely and without the annoying drawstrings on other ballet shoes. Mine were tight the first couple classes, but once the broke in, I fell in love. They are a tad big in the toe, but with feet being slightly different sizes, what can you really do? ;) I had my first pair for about 3-4 months before they ripped in the arch.

    These are my favorite ballet shoes! They are wider in the ball of the foot which is great for people with wider feet. Also, the pre-sewn elastic is comfortable! They run true to size.

  • I have never had ballet shoes that formed perfectly to my feet before, I have very narrow small feet with a bit of a curve (naturally like this) and I've never felt so comfortable in flat shoes before. The canvas that usually require being tied and worn under the foot (or alternatively sewn to the sides) have an uncomfortable padding at each of the split soles of the shoe. I just ordered these in a flesh color (since reviews said only really tan people order that color) and I'm of filipina descent so my skin is naturally tan but they did not work, the color did not compliment my skin tone so I returned them and just reordered these in pink.I'm a size 5.5 in my street shoes and ordered a 3.5B in these and they fit wonderfully! Unlike many other shoes, these really show off the arch in your feet (and I don't have a super arched foot either) so get these already! When I have the money I'll probably just order a couple pairs so I won't have to worry about getting more pairs in the future. I dance and teach 4-5 days a week and it's almost like dancing barefoot or in very thin socks - its that lightweight! The elastics come pre-sewn so that's another pro to these. Can't really think of any cons to these specific shoes.

    This shoe has many pros: no-sew elastics and comfortable, however there are cons to counter these two benefits. While the shoe itself is good quality, it is not as flattering as other canvas ballet shoes I have tried. The material seems to be very baggy at the heel and in the toe area. There is no adjustable drawstring, which I believe contributes to the bagginess at the heel end of the shoe. I am a size 9 in women's street shoes and ordered a 7B. Length-wise the shoe fits just fine.

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  • I was first tempted to purchase these shoes after suffering a tear in my achilles. I am so glad I did. These are without a doubt, the most comfortable pair of ballet shoes I have ever owned. With the absense of the draw string it puts no extra pressure on your achilles and gives your a foot a beautifully clean finish.I have sinced re-ordered these numerous times and also purchased them for my 7 year old daughter.

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Once dyers gather the correct supplies, they are ready to begin dyeing the ballet shoes. Working with dye is a messy process, so people should tackle it carefully but quickly.