Who wouldn't love Ballykissangel?

Father Clifford and Assumpta - forbidden love on Ballykissangel.

Avoca, Co. Wicklow, Ireland - here is where "Fitzgerald's Pub" from the TV show "Ballykissangel"

On the Ballykissangel Trail

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  • Besides being recently made available for streaming in the US, ‘Ballykissangel’ garnered more attention when pop culture website Vulture named it one of the best TV shows on Amazon Prime.

    Thanks to Amazon Prime, an online streaming service similar to Netflix, Americans are just now discovering—-and loving—the show ‘Ballykissangel.’

  • Ballykissangel is in mourning after the recent tragedy when a journalist stumbles into the town searching for a story. Peter must come to a decision about what he must do as a priest and the choices ...

    A new Australian priest (Robert Taylor) arrives in Ballykissangel and learns that the parish has an Internet site where people pay to have their sins forgiven. Father MacAnally: Niall Toibin.

    Guest More than 1 year ago
    All the "Ballykissangel" series are just amazing, but the third season has the most impact, especially for Assumpta and Peter fans. I wish all comedy/dramas were as good as "Ballykissangel".

  • Guest More than 1 year ago
    Wow! This season of Ballykissangel is one of the most moving! It just draws you in more than the other two. It's a must see for any Ballyk or British tv fan!

    Fish out of water family audience series. A young priest - Father Peter Clifford () - from a big city in England is sent to the rural Irish town of Ballykissangel. He quickly finds himself at odds with his superior, Father MacAnally () and local bar owner Assumpta Fitzgerald (). He has to dodge romantic entanglements and learn that the locals are more complicated that they seem.

    Other regular characters include Brian Quigley (), Niamh Quigley (), Ambrose Egan (), Siobhan Mehigan (), Padraig O'Kelly (), Brendan Kearney () and Dr Michael Ryan ().

    Warm and funny, it was a huge hit for six season as BBC1's flagship Sunday night show.

Ballykissangel: Series Six features eight episodes on two discs:

• "On the Ballykissangel Trail" Making-of Feature
• Behind the Scenes Featurette
• "Summer Holiday in Avoca" Behind the Scenes Tour
• Cast Biographies