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  • Thank you for your email! Yes, the YouTubes by Barefoot Books are terrific. So well done. I love that their books come with wonderful sing-along tracks (the same tunes as used in the YouTubes). They do a great job. Best wishes and Happy Singing!!

    If you want to raise curious readers, it is important to surround them with books that keep their interest, and one of the for this purpose is Barefoot Books. Barefoot Books sells some of the to help encourage imagination, foster diversity as well as captivate young minds, and their unique books are both colorful and full of flavor.

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    A Collection of Singable Picture Books and Singable Picture Book Videos put out by Barefoot Books


    Traditional Words and Tune
    Illustrated by Christopher Corr
    (This book, published by Barefoot Books, includes a CD of the song sung by Fred Penner, pages of information for children about regions of the earth, and printed music)

    Nov 21, 2011
    Christmas Fair at The Terrace, Sotogrande
    by: Sandy C

    Saturday 3rd December 2011 Christmas Fair at The Terrace, Sotogrande

    Visit our stand & view the stunning children's books & gifts - perfect for Christmas.
    Get your shopping off to a great start!
    Santas grotto will be there too...
    Be inspired & give the gift to last a lifetime - Barefoot Books

  • The books I received from Barefoot Books


    We’re Sailing to Galapagos (A Week in the Pacific)

    Traditional Tune
    Words by Laurie Krebs
    Illustrated by Grazia Restelli
    (Published by Barefoot books, this beautifully illustrated book features pages of information about the creatures that inhabit the Galapagos Islands, about the islands themselves and about Charles Darwin)

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Dragon on the Doorstep
Words and Music by Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by Debbie Harter
(This book, published by Barefoot Books, comes packaged with a CD that has a vocal and an instrumental sing-along track)