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Batman Vol. 8
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Batman Vol. 7: Endgame

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  • Batman #35 Endgame Part 1
    There are convention variants and a rare combo-pack edition for this book. All covers have a lot of potential. Depending on how long this Batman lasts, the Batman Endgame storyline is going to have legs for years to come, with the possibility of becoming another staple Batman Storyline.

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  • Scott Snyder has said for the past few months to expect big things to happen in the Batman Universe. Batman Endgame has been getting rave reviews and has been selling well in both comic book stores and in the comic book after market. The final part of the storyline comes out on April 29 and the story is continued directly after in the DC FCBD book that comes out on May 2 2015. As with all FCBD comics, the books are shipped to retailers weeks in advance – this is to account for shortages or damages allowing the distributor company to send replacements – so that more customers get the books they want on FCBD.

    - Batman Endgame will be six issues, which means it will finish in March 2015 (the and ). Snyder indicated he was trying to fit the story into a "block of time before the move — when DC moves" its offices from New York to Burbank in April 2015.

  • Soooooo, couple of noteworthy things on the horizon that I felt like bringing to everyone’s attention. First up, there is a story arc coming up in Scott Snyder’s Batman called Endgame. He’s kept his lips as tightly sealed as possible, and the covers for the next few issues have been a complete mystery…UNTIL NOW, when we got an early look at the cover for Batman #35, which is part one of Endgame.

Batman Endgame - 001 - Batman vs The Justice League

- Batman Endgame starts in October's issue #35 and will represent Capullo and Snyder going "big" for Batman's 75th anniversary. It will have the "biggest cast we've ever used" and the "biggest cataclysmic elements that we've ever used," Snyder said.