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Batman (1966)
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Batman: The Movie [Blu-ray]

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  • Ras al gul teamed with the Scarcrow was nice in the first movie Team ups I would have liked to see Christophor Nolan Do 2nd movie Two-Face and his future wife Catwoman third movie The Riddler and the Jack Nichalson Joker style hijack the circus causing the deaths of young Dick Graysons parents the fouth movie would be Penguin and Mr. Freeze as a Holiday themed movie where Barbra Gordon returns from college and becomes Batgirl The fifth movie would be The Penguin Causing a break out at Arkham Asylum releasing the Joker the Ridder and Harley Quinn who was a doctor who fell in love with the Joker and created a costume of her own Catwoman returns but joins up with Batman Robin and Batgirl to fight the villians in an almost remake of the Adam West Batman Movie the 6th movie would be a villian who has not tried his luck with batman in a long time Louie the Lilac would team up with his wife Poison Ivy. Then the Next Movie could feature Clay-Face and Bane

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  • The LEGO Batman: The Movie Blu-Ray is a bit more expensive, as it has a suggested retail price of $24.99. , which seems like a much more fair price to me. Both the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the movie come with the exclusive LEGO Clark Kent Superman minifigure, so it just depends on whether or not having the movie in high-definition is worth the extra four bucks to you. I don’t have any burning desire to see LEGO Batman The Movie Super Heroes Unite in high-def, so I’m definitely going with the cheaper DVD version.

    For anyone that has had the pleasure to see episodes of Ninjago, that gives you a hint at what's to come with this new release called LEGO BATMAN THE MOVIE: DC SUPER HEROES UNITE.

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