I grew up afraid of being different. I think we all did.

“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else”

It's Okay To Be Different

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  • Own your truth. Be different. You were meant to stand out in a crowd so that you can free others to live their own truth, and dream their own dreams!

    You aren’t trying to be special if you do what they do. You aren’t trying to be special if you follow the flow. If you try to fit in you’re never going to stand out!! Dare to be different…

  • Know this for a fact: you do not have to be different to be in business and grow. Take Richard Branson. When he started Virgin Records, the sole motivation behind it (he mentions in his book) was that he saw the opportunity of selling cheaper records and building a business out of it. Was he really trying to be altruistic and conscious or was the incentive strictly monetary? Let’s leave that question for some other discussion.

    I’d like to encourage you to think harder. Is it that bad not to be different? Is it a show stopper in any way? Do you have to always know your “why” to do anything? Even if you do, can you always know your “why” so clearly?

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    Being different and knowing it is what makes the difference. I loved reading this and it has given me a boost.I am trying to be different in a market that has no real corporate “personalities”

Juan Enriquez: Will our kids be a different species

I thought a bit more about being different. I think the phrase being different, is better said as ” I WANT MORE SALES” being different does not equate to more sales, it equates to being different. However if all the trash cans are flat on the bottom and people have long driveways and its a pain in the arse to drag the trash cans to the street for pickup, there will be someone who thinks differently and they create a way to put wheels on the trashcan so its easy to drag to the street, and easy to drag back after the rubbish has been picked up.
Look at the way things are done, and decide first if it is as good as it can be, then if changing it will be worth the time and effort, and then think differently about how the process can be changed to the benefit of the people who are people you want to affect with the change.