the birds and beasts of the forest

Most standard animals in the game are beasts, such as bears, wolves, raptors, etc.

The Beast Prince (The Fairy Tale Series Book 1)

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  • TAG : A large assortment of savage beasts.
  • Updated! I have added a page, called 'Writings on Lions' toaccomodate all sorts of papers, research, essays, fiction, etc. about the Kingof Beasts. This could include your writings, as well as mine! A lot of material has been added there in the last few months, including Joseph Ravitt's novel-length Narnia fan fiction, 'Southward the Tigers'. The most recent post is a paper on animal rights philosophy.

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  • Description: The four beasts in Daniel prophecy, which represent four consecutive kingdoms or empires, including Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. The Rome beast is in it's "Little Horn" phase.

    In the Old Testament prophetic Book of , King Nebuchadnezzar was described to have seen a large statue in a dream. Only the Jewish prophet Daniel was able to interpret the dream. Later, Daniel himself had a dream about four beasts; his dream paralleled Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The parts of the statue, as well as the beasts, were found to represent kingdoms or nations upon the earth—the first of which existed at the time, and the remainder of which, eventually, would arise.

  • In the New Testament prophetic Book of , John described two other beasts which would arise (see also the lengthy commentary, ). I believe these latter two beasts will be prominent relatively soon in the future of this world, near the “end of the age.” Furthermore, I suspect that their identities will be surprising to most. The beasts represent kingdoms or nations which have had, or will have, domination over the nation of Israel.

A few regular beasts in the ending theme .

The caused "Gladiators Beasts" to become more popular, especially with the banning of "" and of "", both of which were a threat to their strategy.