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The Bedford Handbook

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  • What habits are common among good college writers? Good college writers are curious, engaged, reflective, and responsible. They read critically. They write with purpose. They tune into their audience. They collaborate and seek feedback. They know credible evidence makes them credible researchers. They revise. The Bedford Handbook, based on surveys…">

    Hacker Diana Nancy Sommers. The Bedford Handbook. 9th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's 2014. your ideas while developing critical listening skills..

  • ... Survey of World Literature II ... The Bedford Anthology of World Literature, ... the Bedford Handbook for information on how to correctly format essays..

    Diana Hacker personally class-tested her handbooks with nearly four thousand students over thirty-five years at Prince George s Community College in Maryland, where she was a member of the English faculty. Hacker handbooks, built on innovation and on a keen understanding of the challenges facing student writers, are the most widely adopted in America. Hacker handbooks, all published by Bedford/St. Martin s, include "The Bedford Handbook," Eighth Edition (2010); "A Writer s Reference," Seventh Edition (2011); "Rules for Writers," Sixth Edition (2008); and "A Pocket Style Manual," Fifth Edition (2008).Nancy Sommers, who has taught composition and directed composition programs for thirty years, now teaches writing and mentors new writing teachers at Harvard s Graduate School of Education. She led Harvard s Expository Writing Program for twenty years, directing the first-year writing program and establishing Harvard s WAC program. A two-time Braddock Award winner, Sommers is well known for her research and publications on student writing. Her articles Revision Strategies of Student and Experienced Writers and Responding to Student Writing are two of the most widely read and anthologized articles in the field of composition. Her recent work involves a longitudinal study of college writing to understand the role writing plays in undergraduate education. Sommers is the lead author on Hacker handbooks, all published by Bedford/St. Martin s, and is coauthor of "Fields of Reading, " Ninth Edition (2010)."

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  • The Bedford Handbook
    Diana Hacker,Nancy Sommers
    No preview available - 2009

    Exercise Master for The Bedford Handbook(6th edition) by Diana Hacker (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2002) EXERCISE 35–1 The Colon, the Semicolon, and the Comma.

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