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Beowulf Graphic Novel


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  • From Stephen L. Stern, writer of Markosia’s masterful Beowulf Graphic Novel, and acclaimed artist Douglas A. Sirois, comes this superb full-color adaptation of Dickens’ timeless classic. Sacrificing none of Dickens’ rich language and filled with cinematic artwork, A Christmas Carol is a wonderfully faithful adaptation of the quintessential Christmas story.

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    Recently, I added Gareth Hinds’ Beowulf graphic novel to the assigned reading of Seamus Heaney’s translation, and as I expected at this point, wonderful things began to happen. I had them read the text first and then the graphic novel; the emphasis I wanted to make was twofold: 1) compare the text’s description of Grendel and compare it to Hinds’ interpretation; and 2) compare the text of the battle to the wordless 22 pages of the comic that depicts those events. This opened the discussion, ironically, on the text itself rather than the comic, as students carefully tried to unpack Heaney’s translation of the poem. … Thus we can use the graphic novel as a means to engage the sometimes difficult language of the text.

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