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The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room

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  • The Berenstain Bears books are all good for teaching lessons to young children and taking them on daily adventures with the bears. This one in particular was good for teaching me about reading with emotion and different characteristics. This built on my prosody and developed my fluency and comprehension skills as well. All children should experience the joys of reading as different characters to help them develop a better sense in reading :)

    I really don’t have a problem with these books, although I wouldn’t read them to my kids. I would read the other Berenstain Bears books to my kids. The book on strangers was actually pretty good as was the one on junk food.

  • Stan and Jan Berenstain began drawing together in 1941, on their first day at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art. Since 1962, they have created more than 300 Berenstain Bears books, which have sold more than 260 million copies.

    This bugs me as much as Spire’s Archie series did. Just plain wrong. The original Berenstain Bears books are packed full of good healthy values to teach children. They don’t need a pro-god message besides.

  • Wow! This was a huge surprise. I found these newer books by accident. I read most of the Berenstain Bears books when I was a kid, and have a handful for my son as well. I was just browsing around to see if there might be an anthology or something, and “Berenstain Bears: God Loves You???” So bizarre, as there was never any obvious religious connotations in the older books. I wonder if now they’ll republish “Berenstain Bears and The Truth.”

The 8 Most Awkward Berenstain Bears Books | The Robot's Voice

Everyone loves the Berenstain Bears. Created by Stan and Jan Berenstain, the bear family has been fortifying young readers with uplifting tales since the early ’60s. But make no mistake; despite the wholesome nature of life in Bear Country, its residents aren’t immune to the complexities of modern life. In addition to complications with anthropomorphic bear hygiene, Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister Bear have to deal with bullies, strangers, guns and even racism. The Berenstains succeeded in writing about moral situations without getting preachy, but as art imitates life, sometimes it’s uncomfortable to watch good bears get put in bad situations. Read on for a look at the eight Berenstain Bears books that force nerds to remember their own uncomfortable upbringings.