Six Super Stories: Best Short Stories Ever

Six Super Stories: Best Short Stories Ever

The Best American Short Stories 2015

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    My favourites are Shirley Jakson's The Lottery and by Jonathan Swift. I love so many horror short stories that I couldn't name them all. The best horror short story anthology I've read is Hellbound Hearts - essentially Hellraiser fanfiction by famous authors.

  • Paul D. Staudohar is the editor of "Golf's Best Short Stories" and B"aseball's Best Short Stories." He is the author of "Playing for Dollars: Labor Relations and the Sports Business" and other business books. He is a professor of business administration at California State University in Hayward.

    In his introduction to this one hundredth volume of the beloved"Best American Short Stories, "guest editor T. C. Boyle writes, The Model T gave way to the Model A and to the Ferrari and the Prius . . . modernism to postmodernism and post-postmodernism. We advance. We progress. We move on. But we are part of a tradition. Boyle s choices of stories reflect a vibrant range of characters, from a numb wife who feels alive only in the presence of violence to a new widower coming to terms with his suddenfreedom, from a missing child to a champion speedboat racer. These stories will grab hold andsurprise, which according to Boyle is what the best fiction offers, and there was no shortage ofsuch in this year s selections. Mulling over the question of character likability, series editor Heidi Pitlor asks, Did I like these characters? I very much liked reading their stories, as did T. C. Boyle. Here are characters who are living, breathing people who screw up terribly and want and need and think uneasy thoughts. T. C. BOYLE, guest editor, has published fifteen novels and ten collections of short stories. He won the PEN/Faulkner Award in 1988 for his novel"World s End"and the Prix Medicis etranger for"The Tortilla Curtain"in 1995, as well as the 2014 Henry David Thoreau Prize for excellence in nature writing. His most recent book is the novel"The Harder They Come." HEIDI PITLOR, series editor, is a former senior editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. She is the author of the novels"The Birthdays""and The Daylight Marriage.""

    Title: The Best Short Stories of Guy De Maupassant
    Author(s): Guy de Maupassant
    ISBN: 0-8049-0161-9 / 978-0-8049-0161-1 (USA edition)
    Publisher: Airmont Publishing Co.
    Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

  • Title: Best Short Stories of Guy De Maupassant
    Author(s): Guy de Maupassant
    ISBN: 0-88411-589-5 / 978-0-88411-589-2 (USA edition)
    Publisher: Amereon Ltd
    Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

    Best Bi Short Stories is the first book of its kind, a literary anthology bringing together the very finest representations of bisexuality in fiction. The bisexuality of characters, like in real people, can be invisible to readers unless explicitly brought to their attention. Invisibility leads to underrepresentation, and on bookstore shelves that has certainly been true. Best Bi Short Stories hopes to change that by presenting the very best quality, cast in a bold light. With an all-star author lineup ranging from Katherine Forrest to Jane Rule, Ann Herendeen to Jan Steckel, and curated by longtime bi activist Sheela Lambert, Best Bi Short Stories encompasses several genres. The authors are a diverse group, as well, and Lambert sought representation across age groups, cultures, ethnicities and sexualities in both the authors and stories, demonstrating the richness of bi experience. Best Bi Short Stories contains the following stories: Dual Citizenship by Storm Grant Alone, As Always by Jenny Corvette Companions by Kate Durre Pennies in the Well by Rob Barton The Decision by Ammy Achenbach Coyote Takes a Trip by Deborah Miranda The Lottery by Florence Ivy Angels Dance by James Williams The Idiom of Orchids by Camille Thomas Mother Knows Best by Charles Bright ..".Leave a Light on for Ya" by Gretchen Turner Dragon's Daughter by Cecilia Tan Pride/Prejudice by Ann Herendeen Challenger Deep by Kathleen Bradean Mr. Greene by Ours M. Hugh Art Making by Kate Evans Friends and Neighbours by Jacqueline Applebee Memory Lane by Sheela Lambert Naked in the World by Geer Austin Alex the Dragon by Jan Steckel Face to Face by J.R. Yussuf Xessex by Katherine Forrest Inland Passage by Jane Rule

Six Super Stories: Best Short Stories Ever

Mark Twain was known as a great American short-story writer as well as novelist and humorist. This collection of eighteen of his best short stories, from the well known to the lesser known, displays his mastery of Western humor and frontier realism. The stories also show how Twain earned his place in American letters as a master writer in the authentic native idiom. He was exuberant and irreverent, but underlying the humor was a vigorous desire for social justice and equality.