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Best Sellers: Breakfast With Jesus (A young man has Breakfast With Jesus Christ and discovers the meaning of life) [Best Sellers] (Best Sellers, Best ... Sellers,Kindle Best Sellers, Bestseller)

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  • “Debbi, you are The One! We hold the light by what we practice. Debbi holds the qualities of professional presence and goodness. Fantastic bestselling book program with star-powered results.”

    As an example, I know that Fortune’s Pawn is the bestselling book in Pro Se’s history but a large percentage of those sales obviously did not go through Amazon (at least not recently). So you have to take these sales ranks with a wink and a nod. Likewise, some things didn’t show up at all on Amazon or else had zero sales rank. That doesn’t mean that those books are not selling (I know they are!) but just that they aren’t selling yet through Amazon, for whatever reason.

  • On the cover of your book is a good start for placement; even if the book drops down from best seller status, it will be known every time someone checks the book out. On your website, it should appear as prominently as possible And on everything related to your book, you as an author, and your sales in general.. On printed collateral pieces, it should appear on postcards, business cards, signs and media kits. At book signings, you have added clout by showing you are a best-selling author if you have signage with this logo on it. Since there are three logos, you can use them in several different contexts. You are a best-selling author, with a bestselling book and a best seller.

    The Bestseller Book Launch Program: my clients are self-published authors; I parlay their books from the Amazon platform into #1 International bestsellers. I guarantee #1 bestseller status. All writers know that 3% of a book is the writing, 97% is what happens to the book after it is written; that’s where I come in. It takes an author a year to do a bestselling book campaign on their own which is a full time; it’s exhausting with no guarantee of success.

    In the second video, Jack and Steve focus on what makes a bestselling book:
    • Things the most successful books have in common, which often aren’t immediately obvious.
    • How to make your book concept compelling.
    • A common mistake all too many authors make with their first book.
    • How to create a catchy title for your book.
    • A key thing Jack has done for each of the 47 New York Times bestselling books he’s launched … and much MORE!

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  • In this particular week in late August of 2010, the top two bestselling non-fiction works are two different paperback versions of the same book, , by Elizabeth Gilbert (Penguin), an incredible phenomenon that has sold well over 5 million copies since it was published in February, 2006. This book was a rare gem in the publishing industry from the start. In August of 2010, a movie version of the book was released starring Julia Roberts, which put the book back in the epicenter of the publishing world once again (there is even a preview of the movie that you can watch on the Amazon site). The movie, which grossed close to $25 million its first week at the box-office, explains why the book sold almost 140,000 copies the week the movie was released (as measured by Nielsen Bookscan, which covers about 75% of all book sales in the U.S.). That is an extremely impressive and rare achievement for a 3-year old book—especially when one examines the rest of the non-fiction bestseller list. The fifth bestselling book, for example, Love at Last Sight by Kerry Shook, sold under 11,000 copies that same week. In fact, only five non-fiction books topped 10,000 copies in this week in August, with Eat, Pray, Love, topping the list.

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What did it take to make it on the top 50 business bestseller list that publishers are so focused on? In the last week of August, a period that used to be the kiss of death for business publishing (because the whole publishing world was on vacation), the 50th bestselling business book sold almost 850 copies. (Since Bookscan only captures about 75% of sales, the real number is likely over 1,000 copies). That is an impressive statistic, and is a reflection of the times in which we live. Given the tough economy, fewer business people are taking multi-week, summer vacations. Those that still have their jobs are searching for books that can make them more effective at work. In days of old, no one in publishing worked in August. But that has changed forever. When I contacted the top ten business book editors the last few weeks, all but one were hard at work, sitting at their desks, searching for that next all-so-elusive bestseller. I hope that gives you some idea about how many copies a business book has to sell to make it on to a bestseller list. Of course, and I will cover this in a future posting, it’s the velocity of sales that ultimately determines whether a book makes it on to a bestseller list or not.