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  • Bill Quimby's immediate neighbors in , are 10214 individuals in 3764 households.

    Bill Quimby, 56, is from Portland but is a 1970 graduate of Pendleton High School. He grew up volunteering at Round-Up and was back to celebrate this week. He was watching the Westward Ho Parade from Tim Rasmussen's Fix-it Shop. Among the many things that Tim repairs are flags. This 10 x 16 cotton flag was beyond fixing, but the VFW said it was OK for Tim to keep, so he stores it in a box and pulls it out each year for Round-Up.

  • The illustration above shows the distribution of Coues deer in Arizona. Those occupied areas tend to be within the 4000-6500 ft. range in elevation. Illustration by Bill Quimby. For a detailed map of the density of Coues deer in Arizona, check out the “Where to Hunt” section. Coues deer are also found in Mexico and southwestern New Mexico.

    Conclusion, as we are looking for a good toll-free number, Bill Quimby is our first stop. This "rip-off" letter is likely nonsense and should be ignored or deleted. By the way, before 5 days ago I did not even know who Bill Quimby was - so I believe I am as objective as they come.

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    Hanlin, David (with Bill Quimby)

    It's also important to note that as I write this rebuttal that it is now November 28, 2007, almost a year and here it is Bill Quimby posting to keep this alive and yet trying to blame me for doing it. I vowed to let this issue go since everyone that calls me about it agrees that Bill Quimby has emotional problems. I only responded to this today to rebut the lies told by Bill Quimby. Bill if you would not have posted today neither would I. Everytime you post you can rest assured so will I.

Sally Antrobus & Bill Quimby, editors

The first tournament was scheduled for the last weekend in July 1997. The hope was to raise $3,000 the first year. A tournament committee of Bill Quimby- PP&L, Gene Daily- PP&L, Doug Shaffer -PGE and Randy Silbaugh-PGE was formed to put it all together. Debbie Guerra PP&L and Pam Treece PP&L gave additional support. Pam's experience with fund raising was without question the most pivotal cornerstone to the success of the event. Pam shaped our goals and expectations far beyond anything we thought possible. Pam was right; our community was ready to get behind the event and support the Oregon Burn Center.