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  • released e-book reading data collected from over 21 million readers worldwide in 2014. Some of the data said that only 44.4% of readers finished the bestselling e-book and the 2014 number one bestselling e-book in the UK, "One Cold Night" was completed by 69% of readers; this is evidence that while popular e-books are being completely read, many e-books are only sampled.

    I have such a love for Mr. Darcy that I must admit that a book only need to put his name on the cover and I will most likely read it. Some of these books I have enjoyed more than others and I would have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Kara Louise changes the story but stays true to the main characters personalities. I fell in love with Mr. Darcy all over again. The story was interesting and the new characters that are introduced in this book added to the story. Watching Elizabeth have a rival for Darcy's affections, Rosalyn, was amusing and reminded me of Caroline Bingley. Of course Lydia and Mr. Wickham still cause trouble and it was fun to see how Louise had things turn out for the couple in this retelling. All in all a light, fun read that allowed me to visit with my favorite characters again. I will definitely be looking to read more from this author.

  • The book is only 274 pages, and Bond finally reaches the Castle of Death in Chapter 16 which is after page 200. The last 74 pages involve the plot of defeating Blofeld. However, Fleming's writing on a sentence level is as sharp as ever. Here is a brief passage as Bond follows his Japanese lover, Kissy Suzuki, and makes his way by water to the Devil's castle:

    The first chapter of the book gives a brief explanation why this book only covers the Moonwatch (so also no Mark II or any other models marked as ‘Speedmaster Professional’ that differs from the original Speedmaster design) and gives an interesting overview of mile stones of the Speedmaster watch. A final section in this chapter covers the reference number system that Omega uses and has used in the past.

  • Unable to arrange the sale of Alyson Books, parent company Here Media has announced that it is dropping Alyson’s print book program and plans to restructure as an e-book only publisher. The country’s oldest gay and lesbian house has been in financial trouble for months and publisher Don Weise had been trying to put a group together to With the restructuring, however, Weise will leave the company.

Surface Book Only 3 Hours Battery Life Without Keyboard?!

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