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Cross Kill: An Alex Cross Story (BookShots)

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  • I listened to this as an audio book and the male narrator was just awful. I couldn't stand the affect in his voice and it bothered me the entire time I listened to Sail. It was so distracting because I kept thinking about how awful he was rather than listening to the story and often had to go back and listen again to parts I missed because I was distracted. So my first recommendation is to read the book rather than listen to it. I am sure that, since it is a James Patterson, that the chapters are short and thus will read quickly. The plotline was pretty boring but I had to get through with it because I was reading it for a challenge. Sail is one of the "unpopular" books by James Patterson and I received it quite cheap on Amazon. The writing was nothing close to the writing in his earlier works, but that is pretty typical of Patterson's recent books since he doesn't write them by himself but rather uses other authors to write the book and then Patterson puts his stamp on the book to make sure that it sells. This practice of Patterson's really bothers me but that is another story for another day. Back to the book...the premise is that Katherine Dunne decides to go on a vacation with her three kids with her brother-in-law Jack as the captain in hopes to bring her family together again and closer after the death of their father which caused the family to become disjointed. While at sea, they are hit by a huge storm that has basically ruined their boat. Then following the storm, an explosion occurs on the boat meant to cause the demise of the Dunne family. I don't want to give any more details to avoid spoilers but the reader is informed of the background and what really is happening and why. Then the family floats for days until they find a deserted island where the family finds refuge while waiting for rescue.

    For the record, I have read other non-thriller/mystery books by James Patterson and enjoyed them. I am not a book snob and regularly enjoy lighter, feel good books. Unfortunately, this book was way too light. I enoyed it but honestly, it read like a throw away book, with minimal substance, written very quickly with minimal review or editing.

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