I’ve heard that some babies are born with teeth. Is this okay?

Is breastfeeding really best when your baby is born with two teeth?

Born With Teeth, published by Little, Brown and Company, hits store shelves today.
Born With Teeth
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Alyssa Bella Bailey was born with two teeth.

Born with Teeth: A Memoir

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  • Whilesome babies are born with teeth, the situation isn’t always so clear cut. Thereare four types of natal teeth. Your doctor can determine which case your babyhas:

    Mostcases of natal teeth involve just one tooth. Being born with multiple teeth iseven more rare. Lower front teeth are the most common, followed by upper frontteeth. Less than 1 percent of babies with natal teeth are born with molars.

  • Somebabies aren’t born with teeth, but get them shortly after birth. Generally seenwithin the first month of life, teeth that emerge soon after birth are called neonatalteeth.

    Natalteeth can seem mysterious, but there are certain conditions that can increasethe chances of babies being born with teeth. These teeth may be seen in babieswith a cleft palate or lip. Babies who are born with irregularities in dentin(the calcified tissues that help form teeth) may also have natal teeth.

    MarinaNJ More than 1 year ago
    Just slightly over a month ago, in February, I had a great opportunity to read an advanced reading copy of Kate Mulgrew's new memoir Born With Teeth. To say that I was impressed by it is to say nothing. I was completely floored. I admit that I had expected it to be well-written, having heard Ms. Mulgrew speak on multiple occasions at various events. And, being a fan, I could guess at some of the themes she would be certainly discussing in the book. What I did not anticipate was just how powerfully and beautifully her eloquence and intelligence translated into the written word. This is an excellent read even if you do not have emotional or intellectual attachment to her or to the characters she played. Very aptly titled Born With Teeth is an intensely honest memoir written by an extraordinary and yet very human individual. Within its pages, Ms. Mulgrew provides an exceptionally personal glimpse into some the crucial events of her fascinating and complicated life. This book will fill you with admiration for her strength, passion and tremendous courage.

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    Baby born with teeth

    London: It is a milestone that many babies take a year to reach. Yet when Faye Armstrong was born, she already had her two front teeth - astonishing her parents and midwives.
    Now, a fortnight on, two molars are beginning to appear. Her mother Patricia Caulfield, 25, told of her amazement at her daughter's dental development.
    "When she was born, I noticed two white slits on her bottom gum. The next morning, when I was feeding her, I felt a sharp pain and saw they had come through fully," the Daily Mail quoted Caulfield as saying.
    A baby's teeth begin to develop before they are born. However, they don't usually come through until they are aged between six months and one year.
    One in 2,000 babies is born with a tooth or two like Faye. The first to come through are usually the incisors - which are the four front teeth at the top and bottom of the jaw used for cutting and chopping food.
    Most children have a full set of 20 milk teeth by the time they're three years old. These teeth will start to fall out around the five years, making way for larger adult teeth.
    "My midwife told me this is really rare. Children are sometimes born with buds but hardly ever full teeth," Caulfield said.
    Faye was born three weeks early at Ormskirk Hospital in Lancashire, Britain
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    Accordingto the journal , neonatal teeth areeven more rare than natal teeth. In other words, your baby has a higher chance(though rare) of being born with teeth than getting teeth a few weeks afterbirth.

Born with Teeth - Hachette Book Group

In other words: A baby born with teeth is just like any other baby! them, and while most babies don't sport a tooth until around 6 months old, dentists recommend moms and dads daily even before teeth erupt with some wet gauze.