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  • As soon as Brave New World movie from 1980 started I LOVED it! It was exactly how I had pictured it. The fact that they wore uniforms with there cast system was identity and community which is what they live by. The Hatchery was similar to what I thought it would be. I think for it being made in the 80’s and the book being advanced, they did a pretty good job. I could only imagine what could be done with the book if it were to be made today. Yes, it was longer but I think it need to be that way because it needed to show every major detail.

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  • I thought the movie was pretty good for the most part it did keep my attention but I felt that it was rushe’d film and didn’t cover the any parts of Bernard and Leninas trip which bought them to John and Linda’s presence. This makes me want to watch the later Brave new world movie now in order to compare the two films from the novel .

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