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How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie

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  • While we were in New York we had the chance to connect with BROWNGIRL blogger Reva Bhatt who runs a unique style and social commentary platform . Just like us, Reva was a stranger to New York. She’d just moved out to the crazy city from the West coast of America around the same time that we had landed. We realised that this was a perfect opportunity to capture the meeting of BROWNGIRLS from across the world in a foreign and unexpected city.

    #SmartBrownGirl is all about celebrating the diversity of women of color. Breaking down the barriers that are often placed on women of color, #SmartBrownGirl is dedicated to encouraging young women & girls to define their own success story.

  • When we came across Ramna’s blog , we were instantly thrilled. It’s so heart-warming to see more and more BROWNGIRLS start their own initiatives and share their journeys in understanding their identity and making a connection with their culture.

    Seetal met Aaminah while studying Linguistics at UCL and Sanskrit at SOAS and is now pursuing a career in the arts while keeping up her love for writing, collaborating and sharing content through TWO-BROWNGIRLS.

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