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The Red Book (Caldecott Honor Book)

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    Banned childen books???!!!! It’s the first time I’ve heard about that, it’s so strange for me. I hope things are changing for better and in little time this will also sound odd to you.

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    The Dot: When self esteem, or the lack of it, tells Vashti that she can’t draw, her teacher encourages her to try. Just making one dot on the page, and seeing where it will lead, opens up a new world of being artistic. That is some of the best advice she could have given her. When Vashti finds that she can mix some colors to create other colors, she begins to experiment and see just how much she can do. This is one of the most encouraging childrens books to read aloud or even alone. Trying in the midst of doubt can help anyone find hidden talent, and reach places they would have never made it to.

  • The Polar Express: This is the delightful tale of a young boy and his struggle with believing in Santa Claus. When he goes to bed on Christmas Eve, he is sure there is no such thing as Santa. Much to his surprise, a train pulls up in front of his house to take him to the North Pole. Along with other children, he experiences the reality of Santa and Christmas, and is brought to the obvious conclusion that he was wrong. Adventurous, heartwarming, and fun to read alone or to share, this is one of those childrens books that is sure to be treasured for many years.

    As a bonus, Donna suggested we could collect the books to go with the names and have a childrens book collection/library in the barn, or donate them to a good cause. A great idea and in fact, I suspect some adults would like to reread some of these books!

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