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Top mixing engineer and record producer Chris Lord Alge in the recording studio behind an SSL

Waves CLA Vocals Native Chris Lord-Alge Plug-In

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  • Beef up your Trigger drum sound collection with Slate Digital's Chris Lord Alge Drums. Recorded by Chris Lord Alge in Burbank's Ocean Studios, this collection includes over 30 drums and cymbals, each sampled with meticulous detail to take full advantage of Trigger's sound engine. If you're a fan of Chris Lord Alge's work, then you're going to love these drums. He mixed each sound using the same processing chains featured on countless hit records. What's more, each kick and snare feature a sample layer taken from Alge's famous Sony reverb machine, providing you with fat, punchy, and mix-ready drums for any project.

    If you don't already have a copy of Slate Digital's Trigger 2, then you're really missing out. At Sweetwater, many of the Sales Engineers and other staff members swear by Trigger, when we need to rescue our mixes from sub-par drum sound, as do world-class engineers including Chris Lord Alge, Mike Shipley, and Dave Way trust Trigger 2. That's because Trigger 2 combines one of the most sophisticated drum-triggering algorithms on Earth with an absolutely jaw-dropping collection of sounds. And when you pick up this Trigger Expansion Library, you'll have even more amazing drum sounds to play with.

  • I was listening to a 2 part audio interview he did not too long ago, and what I noticed right away was his gear selection. This guy has gear that nobody else has. If he does have gear that other people have, his unit sounds the best out of all the other units. The way he tracks to his mid 90s deck, simply because it gives it character that other decks don’t. Most other people have long forgotten about stuff like that because people get caught up in the latest and greatest. Not Chris. He takes in the new stuff, but his bread and butter gear is the stuff that you just can’t find anywhere anymore. Listen to his audio interview (google it) and you’ll learn a ton about his techniques.
    All that aside, I LOVE this guy’s skill, and what he’s done for modern music. WAR Chris Lord Alge (and his brother Tom is no slouch either!)

    Course 1 features Grammy award-winning mixing engineer Chris Lord Alge mixing a song called “Our Time” by Screaming at Demons, which was recorded at NRG Studio B with Chad Smith on drum duty.

  • As I thought about it, I realized that I had just stumbled onto the secret of the Chris Lord Alge sound. I do not think he cares at all about many of the subtle nuances or details that many of us mixers get obsessed with. His mixes are all about the excitement, and whether you love his mixes or hate them, few people are neutral about a Chris Lord Alge mix. Listen to albums he has mixed for the likes of Daughtry, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, or even an artist like The Dave Matthews Band, and the mixes practically take your head off when you listen to them loud on high end studio monitors, Even though I am a big fan of his work, it’s tough for me to listen to lots of his mixes back to back on the big speakers, but they have an excitement and energy to them that translates really well to car radios, boom boxes, laptops and many of the places people consume music these days. Chris Lord Alge focuses on making excitement jump out of the speakers, and love him or hate him, that is probably the reason all the labels keep hiring him, and why the first Daughtry album sounds so amazing in my crummy car stereo.

ssl console Chris Lord Alge at Mix LA 117 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

As a word of caution, though, I feel like an aggressive approach like this on tracks recorded in a bedroom or for a genre other than pop and rock will be dangerous, but overall, it’s a great way to see and hear how a professional mixing engineer like Chris Lord Alge approaches a mix.