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Golden Claws of the Cat Girl
Angels with Claws
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Claws of the Cat is fast-paced, tightly plotted, and impossible to put down

Claws of the Cat: A Shinobi Mystery

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    The Golden Claws of the Cat Girl -- Françoise looks like a sexy kitten by day, but is a silent she-wolf by night, making very clever robberies of gold jewels. Despite the interest, and competition, from Bruno, she ends a lonely she-wolf.

  • "Spann's debut provides an absorbing look at Japanese culture along with a sharp mystery."--"Kirkus Reviews""Spann matches period detail with a well-developed whodunit plot in her promising debut, the first in a new series set in 16th-century Japan."--"Publishers Weekly""This new series follows the detective adventures of Hiro, a ninja in 16th-century Japan. The addition of Father Mateo, a Portuguese Jesuit priest Hiro has sworn to protect, gives added perspective. Spann displays her knowledge and expertise while presenting a fascinating and complicated mystery. This is fun, historically entertaining and a very good book."--"RT Book Reviews" (4 stars)"Susan Spann skillfully transports the reader to Samurai Japan and serves up a feast of intrigue and suspense in a well-drawn exotic and unforgettable world. "Claws of the Cat" is a delicious adventure and a remarkable debut."--Tasha Alexander, "New York Times" bestselling author of "Death in the Floating City""A terrific mystery debut that delivers an uncanny sense of life in 16th century Japan. "Claws of the Cat" is fast-paced, tightly plotted, and impossible to put down. Susan Spann has created one of the most original and engaging detectives to enter the mystery world in a long while--the master ninja, Hiro. So take a trip back in time to the murderous, political world of the ninja and the samurai, if you dare!"--Margaret Coel, "New York Times" bestselling author of the Wind River mystery series"A blend of history, mystery, and charm. Hiro and Father Mateo are a fresh take on 'East meets West.' Authentic and engaging."--Laura Joh Rowland, author of "The Incense Game"""Claws of the Cat" is an amazing debut novel that exceeds expectation. Mystery, adventure, characters who leap off the page, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough."--Richard Doetsch, bestselling author of "Half-Past Dawn"

    The claws of the cat are often incorrectly described as retractable, or more formally, retractile, meaning, they are capable of being drawn in. If this were the case, it would suggest that the claws were normally extended and then pulled back in by choice. This inaccuracy is so widely believed, it can practically be classified as a myth.

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  • Nikki_F More than 1 year ago
    A good historical fiction/mystery novel. Hiro is a ninja commanded to protect a Portuguese Catholic Priest named Father Mateo in 16th century Japan.  Father Mateo gets involved in a murder investigation with one of his followers.  Hiro and must find the true killer or not only will Father Mateo’s follower be killed, but so will the Father.  The family of the murdered has the right to vengeance against the killer.  “Claws of the Cat” is Susan Spann’s debut historical fiction/mystery novel. Overall I enjoyed this novel.  The historical facts were well researched and informative without sounding contrived.  I liked the different characters and their interactions.  It was interesting to be immersed in a culture so very different from my own. The mystery wasn’t one that was blatantly obvious or completely impossible to deduce, which was nice.  My only complaint was that the book was fairly slow to moderately paced.  There wasn’t a moment where I wanted to read just a little bit more, just to see what would happen next.  Having said that, I found the novel entertaining and overall a good read. For those who like a good, historically accurate mystery novel check out “Claws of the Cat.”  It isn’t an intensely paced book, but it definitely keeps you entertained. I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.  This in no way influenced my review.  I was not required to, nor compensated for, writing a review.

    "Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman" was a four-issue limited series published in . It was an "," published jointly by and (who owned the licencse to at the time).

Claws of the Cat Part 3 Preview

So enter ...the Cat. Or, more specifically "Beware! The Claws of the Cat". Kinda' silly and kinda' like calling your book "Zap! The Repulsor Rays of Iron Man", "Lo! The Hammer of Thor" or "Web of Spider-Man". In a bit of divergence from the norm, this issue starts off in mid-action... Cat's in the middle of an adventure which hasn't been continued or tested out in one of the many Marvel anthology books! Thankfully, the editorial asterisks/footnotes are there in the second panel to let us know that we haven't missed anything. Oh golly...if there's a footnote explanation on the frickin' SECOND PANEL, it ain't a good sign.