The Clone Volume - Space Reserve dialog box appears ().

The Clone Volume - General Settings dialog box () appears.

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  • You can always execute the program on a clone volume to rebuild entries in the client file index, the media database, or both. After you re-create the entries, traditional recovery is available. Refer to the for information on how to recover data with the program.

    A clone volume is used for recovery any time Backup attempts to recover a particular save set and either the original save set volume has been deleted or the status of the original save set is marked "suspect."

  • You can clone a volume, including a template volume or a thin clone volume. Cloning creates new copies of a volume that are the same type and have the same contents as the original.

    Partition is a period of interval on the disk. In general, a disk can be divided into several partitions, which may usually be seen as C:, D:, E:, F:. When , all the partitions will be cloned one by one. For more flexible operations, AOMEI Backupper provides partition clone, which can clone single partition, rather than the whole disk. For example, the D: can be cloned to E:, and also D: can be cloned to another hard disk.

    The concept of volume is similar, but different from partition. Partition is a block of contiguous disk space, while volume is may not be contiguous. For example, first half space of the volume is on Disk 1, while the second half space is on Disk 2. Dynamic disk possesses this feature so as to compose multiple discontinuous spaces into one volume, which has been named "Dynamic Volume" in Windows operating systems. Dynamic Volume consists of several types, such as, Simple Volume, Spanned Volume, Mirrored Volume, etc. Apart from the function of partition clone, can also clone dynamic volume as well.

    3. Click Clone to open the Clone Volume – Settings dialog.

  • 5. Click Next to open the Clone Volume – Space dialog.

    The end result is an identical Cloud Block Storage volume that you canimmediately attach and use. You have the option to change the volumetype prior to beginning the volume clone process. Additionally, volumecloning also allows you to increase the size of the new volume. Thecloned volume must be the same size or larger than original volume, thenew volume cannot be smaller. Keep in mind if you do use cloning toincrease the size of your volume, be sure to resize your file system (ifsupported) in order to take advantage of the new larger clone.

2. Enter the cloned volume name – W08R2SVR01-CLONED OK

Similarly, if you purge a clone volume, you effectively remove from the client file index all file entries associated with all save sets that reside (in whole or in part) on the particular clone volume.