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CNET Do-It-Yourself Mac Projects: 24 Cool Things You Didn't Know You Could Do!

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  • Thanks for any feedback on this, and Martin, thanks for the very informative article on this. I love it when people include a graphical depiction rather than trying to explain it in text, like you did with the CNET direct download link.

    Its a real pain in the ass. The downloads are much faster when downloaded directly through a download accelerator like Internet download manager or orbit downloader in comparison to cnet downloader or any other downloader provided by the 1st party itself. Also, we cannot resume our downloads nor can we get a clear idea of how much time is left for the download to complete or how much data have we downloaded already and how much is still to be downloaded. It really is a deal breaker if u have a slow and interrupted internet connection. I often prefer downloading the offline installers due to this reason. CNET has made it compulsory for everyone to download their downloader which also adds to 1 more junk .exe you need to remove from your system once you have installed the software which you wanted to. And last but not the least, if you aren't carefull get ready to take the pain to uninstall the babylon toolbar, search engine and dunno what other bull shit which I atleast have no intentions of trying till THE OLD FAITHFUL GOOGLE is on the world wide web. Better look for an alternative for the site... Gess they have left us with no other options...

  • I'm glad to learn of what Seth Rosenblatt is saying here, but would nevertheless use the CNET download pages for softwares in order to read reviews. If the unwanted stuff wasn't wanted, then people could just click on the specifications or full specifications link to go to that page and then use the link for the software vendor in order to download from their website. Plus, CNET hasn't, not as of early December or else last month anyway, rebundled all free downloads with the CNET installer.

    I think it's a load of bull. I do NOT want CNET Downloader. What I WANT is the setup file as a direct download. Forcing me to download their #$%ty software first, and almost trick me into installing their other ad-related rubbish is rediculous. I used to get all my downloads from there, never again.

  • I'd like to point out, that since I use Linux as my main OS, especially for pre-downloading for use on a Windows box, that this instantly meant the end of CNet downloads for me. Not only do Windows exe's not natively work, I have no desire to run their adware installer under wine, even if it does work that way.

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While the web installer provided by cnet download was downloading the main installer of Microsoft 2007 trial version, the net had a problem and the download was canceled. The problem is, the downloaded part of the installer was not deleted and is still consuming space on my hard disk.