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  • Finding out how to read college books free online can be a challenging task. Learn how to use your college's resources, textbook publishers and other means to read college textbooks for free.

    Carrying around a heavy load of textbooks can be an exhausting task for any college student. Thankfully, many publishers now provide digital textbooks that can be , Kindle or computer. Sometimes these paid or subscribed textbooks are too costly for students to afford. This article explains how you can read college books free online and save money during your studies. Before choosing a free textbook over the textbook suggested by your college, check with your instructor first. Some professors insist on specific editions or books; using a free online textbook may make it difficult for you to stay on the same page as the rest of your class.

  • There are other ways of obtaining digital college textbooks - such as purchasing them from Amazon - that students need to consider. At the end of the day, you may not be able to find all of your college textbooks for free online. That said, it is well worth looking around to see what you can find before you head to the bookstore.

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