Crafting with cat hair. Cute.

LMAO! Crafting with cat hair, who would have thought? SO much to craft with that stuff

Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

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  • Readers are cautioned against shaving their cats. Rather, cats are to be gently brushed. Since the artistic medium here is cat hair, a large part of Crafting with Cat Hair details how to properly brush a kitty; be gentle, and do not, under any circumstances, brush backwards.

    Crafting With Cat Hair is available in stores, as well as online at and . Paperback, $14.95 , 17, 96 pages, 4-color, 7 ½" x 8". ISBN 978-1-59474-525-6

  • All you need to get started is a cat, a method of collecting its hair (unless you have one of those kind of creepy hairless ones) and the Crafting with Cat Hair handbook.

    The days when cat ladies had to be ashamed of their are over. It’s official, cat ladies are cool! How do I know? Years ago, anyone who made crafts using cat hair was–without a doubt–labeled a total freaking weirdo. Now, there’s this book. Filled with funny crafting projects that you can collaborate on with a fuzzy feline friend, Crafting With Cat Hair is independently shedding (hehe) cat gals of their freak status. Its fun projects include everything from tote bags to finger puppets, as well cute pics, tips and useful info for crazy cat lovers the world over. Though it should be noted that the alternate title choice for this publication was Guide To Staying Single Forever.

    CuteEverything More than 1 year ago
    If you've ever seen the amount of hair that comes off your cat when you brush it, especially in the spring, you've probably wondered if there's anything useful to do with it. In Crafting with Cat Hair, author Kaori Tsutaya shares her discovery of how to use cat hair to make super easy felt crafts. Felt is incredibly simple to make (even out of cat hair!), only needing tangled fibers that you compress to turn into delightful crafts. Most of the crafts in this book don't even need sewing skills, really only using a using a felting needle and sponge to complete the projects. Crafting with Cat Hair includes instructions on how to make charming finger puppets and mini portraits of your cat entirely out of cat hair and then goes on to crafts like tote bags, mittens and gloves that you can apply the cat felt on top of. The book also contains several two page spreads of cat facts from why cats have no smell, to the differences between a topcoat and an undercoat. And the back of the book includes profiles of the sweet felines who "donated" hair to the book. My favorite project was the lovable three-dimensional mini portraits you can make of your own cat. I can't wait to make one of my Siamese kitten once he's sheding enough hair, his portrait will be (almost) as cute as he is!

  • Yes, a book with instructions on how to mine your cat’s fur for dinky little crafty projects actually exists. The title is Crafting with Cat Hair by Japanese author Kaori Tsutaya — translated into English by Amy Hirschman — and it comes with pages of practical advice for collecting cat fur and ideas for the handicraft works you can make.

Crafting with cat hair: The latest fashion trend

"Crafting with Cat Hair" is the quintessential passive-aggressive gift for that relative / friend / coworker who is always covered in pet hair....