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So “Crash Reel” reminds us of a price we will undoubtedly see paid again.
Crash Reel
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But "Crash Reel" is about so much more.

The Crash Reel

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  • The Crash Reel simply swells one's heart; the Pearce family is a smart and loving one, and the lessons sprinkled throughout this amazing documentary are multitude.

    If you do nothing else with your kids this summer I suggest you watch "Crash Reel" with them, and, if you add it to your DVR or TIVO queue, I bet they will watch it over and over with their friends.

  • Midway through The Crash Reel, Walker clears the runway for an actual crash reel: boarders, skiers, snowmobile freestylers, dirt-bike riders, and other mortals gunning for the camera but losing their footing before they’ve hit the ground. Like all crash reels, it’s brutal, but Walker does something illuminating with her footage, slowing down and looping the athletes into a trance-like rhythm, frequently cutting away just before impact.

    Kevin tells Trevor that, "Being mean to them [moms] is not helping." And, as he leaves Trevor and walks down a long path with his own mom, Kevin tells her, "This has changed my life. Now I can help change other people's lives." And we know that Kevin will do just that, and that "Crash Reel" and his advocacy on traumatic brain injury will have a great impact on the young athletes of this country..

  • The Crash Reel
    Directed by Lucy Walker
    Produced by Julian Cautherley
    Lucy Walker
    Written by Pedro Kos
    Lucy Walker
    Starring Kevin Pearce
    Music by Moby
    Cinematography Nick Higgins
    Edited by Pedro Kos
    Impact Partners
    Tree Tree Tree
    Distributed by HBO Documentary Films
    Phase 4 Films
    Release dates
    January 18, 2013 (Sundance Film Festival)
    July 15, 2013
    Running time
    108 minutes
    Country United States
    Language English

    We finish watching "Crash Reel" knowing that Kevin and his family have emerged from his near tragedy stronger than ever. We hear him talking with snowboarder Trevor Rhoda, who has sustained two TBIs and now has a serious brain injury, in the aftermath of which he has been mean to his mom.

Title: The Crash Reel (2013) 8.2 /10

Our family recently viewed the Crash Reel and it was quite the ride – let’s just say that the Kleenex box made its rounds. The scenes of Kevin in the hospital were so relatable - it was as if we were living them again. We found it interesting that before Kevin spoke, he mouthed the words to ‘the Believer’ by Neil Young. (Neil by the way grew up here in Winnipeg.) Before Connor spoke, he sang along with the lyrics to Polite Dance Song by the Bird and Bee before returning to an unresponsive state. It was like a scene from the movie Awakenings and repeated itself, with different songs, many times.